Audio Gift Guide

Any music lover deserves a sound upgrade.

Whether it’s for him or her, mom or dad, brother or sister, or even grandma and grandpa, this audio gift guide has your music lover covered! These options make it easy to select the right upgrade for your loved one.

Start with an amp and add more later

This duo gives any music lover a great start to upgrading their sound! You can even keep your factory radio and speakers.

The DD Audio A4 Amplifier coupled with the SC4.1 Signal Converter will double the power being sent to your stock speakers. It’s an easy upgrade and powerful enough to run entry level aftermarket speakers like the EX6.5 Coaxial set when you’re ready to add more gear!

Price: $290*

Find your local DD Audio dealer to purchase this bundle.


Boost and bump

This trio will boost your current stock speakers and add a little bump in the trunk!

The DD Audio A4 Amplifier, SC4.1 Signal Converter, and LE-S06 is the perfect combo for those wanting to add some bass to a stock audio system. You also have the option of adding some entry level aftermarket speakers like the EX6.5 Coaxial Set down the road for those that want it a little louder!

Price: $490*

Find your local DD Audio dealer to purchase this bundle.

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Replace those factory speakers

If you simply want to get a little louder, toss out those factory speakers and upgrade your sound with this bundle!

The DD Audio D4.90 Amplifier, EC6.5 Component Set, and EX6.5 Coaxial Set will rival the sound quality of a so-called “premium” factory audio system for a fraction of the cost of those “sport” and “luxury” upgrade packages! The D4 amp is capable of integrating with your factory radio without needing external signal adaptors. Talk about a perfect amp, it even allows you to add a subwoofer when you’re ready for some bass!

Price: $490*

The whole package

Your loved one deserves it all! Right?!

DD Audio D5.500 Amplifier, EC6.5 Components, EX6.5 Coaxials, and a LE-S06 Subwoofer Enclosure will go far and beyond the sound quality of any of those “premium” factory audio systems that came with your car.  This bundle will put a BIG smile on any music lover’s face! 🙂

Price: $840*

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Just some bass, man!

If you just want to add a little bass and not have to mess with building a custom enclosure, the DD Audio DM500 Amplifier and the LE-S06 Subwoofer Enclosure is a good way to start. This won’t require any change to your factory radio and it’s a great option if space is limited.

Price: $410*

Replace stock speakers and build a custom enclosure

If you want it pretty dang clean and pretty dang loud, the DD Audio D5.1000, D Class Component and Coaxial Speakers, and a Redline Series 608 Subwoofer in a DD Box will make you feel like you’re in a small concert venue with a really nice sound system!

This option gives you the ability to build a DD Box custom enclosure to fit exactly how you want it in your vehicle.

Price: $1170*

Find your local DD Audio dealer to purchase this bundle.

If you want it even cleaner and louder, we have more options available. You can even learn more about our after market integration products.

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Good ol' American Made

DD Audio is known for bass domination, but did you know that DD Audio also builds some of the best sound quality subwoofers known to man?

Here at DD Audio we hand-build subwoofers with the highest quality components available to ensure maximum product performance and longevity. HiDef Tuned subwoofers feature a suspension that offers the perfect mix of control and efficiency, designed for systems where fidelity is the focus, and everyday listening will be done primarily inside the car. Our Power Tuned subwoofers are designed to push performance limits, yet still maintain a high level of control. You’ll recognize these when your neighbor drives by and your living room windows start rattling. Learn more about each series of DD Audio subwoofers.

Find your local DD Audio dealer to visit with them if you’d like to customize a sub based on your needs.


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Customize it even more

DD Audio doesn’t just stop at customizing the sound quality of your subwoofer. We customizes the aesthetics, too! Of course, only using materials that meet our stringent specifications, and hand-laying all parts using the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship. We invite you to view our shop to find out more about the process.

What exactly can you customize? Logo color, dust cap or cone material and color, and you can even choose a color for the frame. Want to test out your color combination? Try it with our Sub Customizer! If you need some inspiration check out our custom gallery!

Find your local DD Audio dealer to place your custom order.



DXB-04 studio grade over-the-ear wood headphones
Personal audio

If stocking stuffers is what you’re looking for, choose from any of our personal audio products.

If you read the entire gift guide, you should know by now that DD Audio is big on quality and we didn’t stop with these products. The DXB-04 ($99.00*) over-the-ear headphones come with large vented walnut wood chambers that extend the low-frequency tuning while quelling vibration and harshness common to the plastic construction of mass-produced headphones. The large diaphragm, 50mm drivers with high energy neodymium magnets don’t strain to deliver True To The Source® clarity, detail and power. Even the DXB-1.1 ($24.99*) earbuds come with black walnut hardwood housing and 8mm Neodymium driven diaphragms.

If you’re ready to buy now, you can do so directly from our Lifestyle page. We’ll even throw in FREE Shipping (Continental U.S. only).


For the ultimate DD fan, we’ve got some limited edition “Upgrade Your Sound” swag!

The T-Shirt bundle comes with a black or gray shirt, two koozies, 2 lanyards and some decals so you can rep DD ’til your heart’s content! Baseball season is here and so is the very limited DD Baseball Shirt. Get it before it’s gone! Let the world know all the bass has gone to your head, literally with the stylish, new snap back mesh caps; available in two designs. Visit our Gear section for more apparel selections and take advantage of our FREE Shipping (Continental U.S. only).

You’ve made your choice, but you want to hear it or touch it first? We have authorized dealers all over the nation, even world-wide! Give one a visit and get a demo of the option that best fits your needs. You might find the next option to be more of what you want and totally worth it! Once you go DD, you’re DD4Life 😉

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*Prices do not include installation labor cost, freight, duties and taxes. Contact your local DD Audio dealer for installation prices.