VOMN6.5 - Voice Optimized, Neo Driven

DD Audio’s New VO Neo – More Compact, Greater Impact!

Oklahoma City, OK, October 4, 2018 — DD Audio proudly announces the immediate release of the VO-MN6.5.

The latest addition to DD’s extremely popular Voice Optimized Series is a neodymium driven midrange speaker that is light, compact, efficient and designed for ultra-high output.

These speakers utilize premium design features, like anodized aluminum front and rear motor heatsinks, double slit aluminum voice coil formers and polymer treated curvilinear cones that exhibit an extended frequency range with superb moisture resistance. The VO-MN6.5 also boasts a dual magnet neo motor design with shorting ring for precise voice coil control and reduced overall inductance.

All of this makes the VO-MN6.5 perfect for motorcycles, car doors and any other tight spots where strong, quality sound is key.


  • Dual Magnet Neo Motor Design w/ Shorting Ring
  • Machined Aluminum Front and Rear Motor Heatsinks
  • Double Slit, Aluminum Voice Coil Former
  • Polymer Treated Curvilinear Cone


  • Watts RMS: 60-300
  • Impedance: S4
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz-8kHz
  • dBSPL: 95.5
  • VCD: 1.5in
  • Mounting Depth: 2.75in | 69.85mm

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