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DD Audio has always been a driving force of innovation in the car audio industry, and our focus on providing the highest quality products in the market is unsurpassed. We offer several options to increase the performance and aesthetic appeal of our drivers with the addition of composite parts. Our composite cones and dustcaps have become the standard by which other companies have modeled similar offerings after. 

All of our composite fabrication is done at our Oklahoma City facility. We have a fully equipped fabrication room staffed with a specialized team that has been trained in-depth on the manufacturing techniques for the composite assemblies used on DD Audio products. For this process we only use materials that meet our stringent specifications, and we hand-lay all of our parts using the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship. Through the use of carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass, and other composite materials we are able to produce an array of ultra high quality parts that can take your driver to the next level. 

Because of our self-sufficient manufacturing capabilities, we are able to keep our costs competitive, while maintaining the standard of quality our customers expect.  There are lesser/cheaper versions of these types of parts available on the market, but we refuse to cut corners on the materials or techniques used in our production. We manufacture all things in this manner because in the end our customers are the judges of our quality, and we must live up to the standards they have defined.