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November Newsletter

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November 2012

LE-M Series

In this month's product spotlight we take a look at our 3rd generation LE-M series, or as we like to call them "mini" loaded enclosures.The LE-M series is the perfect solution for those who want a lot of BASS, but don't want to sacrifice much space... or dollars. These loaded sub enclosures are available with your choice of a single 6.5",8",10", or 12" woofer. The LE-M is loaded with our 300 Series sub which was engineered specifically for these enclosures. The 300 Series subs feature a single 2"/ 4ohm voice coil with a power handling of 150RMS-400Peak.  All the enclosures are wrapped with heavy duty carpet and feature an embroidered Digital Designs logo. Spring loaded terminals were used for quick and easy installation and we include a bar grille to keep your DD sub protected. In most applications we suggest pairing these enclosures with our C2c full range amplifier for the perfect combo.

LE-M 10 inch If you haven't had a chance to hear one of these enclosures in action we urge you to do so. We know you'll be surprised by the big output that this small box has to offer. The feedback from dealers and customers has been amazing! These little guys are even making a big splash in the U.K.!
Check out what Talk Audio forum has to say about them.

Talk Audio Reviews >         More LE-M Specs >


Congratulations to the European teams that participated in the 2012 dB Drag Championship this year. Here are some of the DD scores and pictures of the competition.

DD Austria Super Street 1-2 ------- 169.8
Team BS Super Street 1-2 ------- 168.1
Team Just4fun Andi Super Street 1-2 ------- 165.6

2012 European Championship

You can also check out the video by clicking here >


Here is a list of other 2012 DD scores around the nation. Congratulations to all the competitors.

2012 MECA World Finals
Blake Clements 159.1

2012 dB Drag Racing
Terry Brocks 153.9

2012 MECA World Finals
Rick Dodson 153.8

Clint Buttrum 154.1

A big thank you to all of you that submitted scores.
If you'd like to see more of this, send us your scores and feedback to sales@ddaudio.com.


For this month's tech tip we'll go over the basic setup for one of our M-Series sub amps. Most of us take this info for granted, but this being said, around 50% of all DOA amp returns (dealer and end user combined) are attributed to simple oversights during the initial setup of the amplifier.  So, if you ever turn on the system and you've got a green power light but there's no boom, do a quick set up rundown. It's likely that you'll find the cause for the uncomfortable silence.

Check the crossover settings, if the crossover frequencies are overlapped
(i.e. LPF 20/ SS 30) it will mute the signal and result in no output.

  • 1. Set LPF to 100-125 (the midpoint on the dial)
  • 2. Set Subsonic to 30-35 (the midpoint on the dial)

Check the master/slave Switch. When in slave mode the main RCA inputs are disabled, this will result in no output.

  • 3. Set the master/slave switch to master

DD Amp Setup Last but not least check, and properly set your gain. DD makes this process super easy, with the aid of the remote gain knob that comes with every M-Series amp. Improper gain setting will result in damaged equipment or no output.

  • 4. Set the gain on the amp to its minimal setting (all the way to the left)
  • 5. Install the remote gain knob and turn it 1/2 way up (the midpoint on the knob)
  • 6. Turn off all loud or boost settings in your head unit controls and set all EQ levels to 0
  • 7. Play a song in the style of music most commonly listened on the system; with the most common head unit) source that will be used (i.e. if you only listen to rap on your IPod do this setup with a rap song on your IPod). Turn the head unit volume to ¾ and set your head unit EQ levels where they result in the best mid and high sound.
  • 8. Now leave the head unit volume at ¾ and slowly turn up the gain on the amp until the clipping indicator on the remote gain control starts to flicker as the frequencies in the music change. If the clipping indicator is flashing bright red, or staying on constantly you'll need to back the gain down to a safe level to avoid speaker or amplifier damage. Once the initial gain setting is done, you'll be able to make adjustments on-the-fly via the remote gain knob.

After working your way through these steps you should now have that DD bass you've come to know and love.


This month we venture outside the U.S. to Germany for our featured install. Ingo Bastian was kind enough to share a bit about his install and his love for all things DD! He caught the car audio bug about 7 years ago after hearing a setup featuring 8-DD3515's. Once he heard that, he was in love with DD and his goal was to build his own DD system. His favorite things about DD are the quality with which they are built and the sound they give.
He also competes in EASCA and won his class this year. Here's a breakdown of his setup:

2007 VW Golf
2x DD3512
2x US Amps 2000x
2x Kinetics 2400

November Install of the Month


Dealer: Synergy Audio
Location: Watertown, South Dakota, USA

Synergy Audio has been a DD dealer for quite sometime now and have been making a huge impact in the upper Midwest region. Here is what shop owner, Corey Treftz, had to say. "Synergy Audio was opened six years ago as the final answer to cookie cutter and big box stores in the upper Midwest. Focusing heavily on performance, reliability, customer satisfaction and growing a scene that has been neglected."

When asked about how DD has impacted his business and what the customer reaction has been like, Corey went on to tell us, "What brought DD to our attention was when we were looking for a performance product without compromise. Many made the list, but only DD made the cut. What we really love about the product is the same as what the customer loves, custom build options that get eyebrows raised and devastating output that drops jaws! We have had, on numerous occasions, people that are willing to drive up to 12 hours to get it. How many other companies can claim that?"

Synergy Audio

Find a local dealer or start shopping at DD4Life.com.

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