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Upcoming DD Toolbox iOS app

DD Toolbox for Apple iOSOklahoma City, OK. - DD Audio would like to announce the upcoming release of their DD Toolbox iOS app. The DD Toolbox will include several useful tools for setting up and analyzing high performance car audio systems. Since installers have a lot going on while setting up a system, we designed the DD Toolbox layout to be installer friendly. We made the tool icons extra large, and you’re able to easily swipe between tools. The tools included in the basic toolbox will be; a Wattage/ Ohm’s Law Calculator for determining your systems actual output wattage and impedance; a fully adjustable tone generator that ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz; The DD Box calculator which uses DD’s exclusive enclosure design theory to make a recommendation for maximum bass in your given enclosure space; and, to round it out, we included a flashlight function that’s able to be toggled on/off from any screen. A cool DD Toolbox feature not found on other apps is the ability to use multiple tools at once. For instance, this allows you to use the tone generator while punching numbers into the wattage calculator, all the while illuminating your trunk with the flashlight. If you have tech questions for the DD Staff, or want to find us on facebook or twitter just go to the "About DD Audio" section of the app. The basic DD Toolbox app will initially be offered for free. Future updates will include a paid version with additional tools, and an Android compatible version.