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March Newsletter

The DDownlow

DD Product Feature

March 2013

VO Series

Our VO or Voice Optimized Series of shallow mount mid-range woofers are designed for the enthusiast who wants both sound quality and high output capability. For this series, we combined the best features of pro and high-end car audio to produce the ultimate mid-range. The VO series has high tech DD refinements such as SuperCharged motors, copper shorting rings, vented backplates, and long fiber curvilinear cones. The low moving mass design coupled to the revved up motors give these woofers an extended frequency range and the ability to handle ultra fast transients at high output levels.

The VO Series are go-to drivers when you need something to keep up with a large DD subwoofer system. But the VO Series aren't one trick ponies, they also work great in an array of PA type systems. We've seen these woofers used in everything from full club PA systems to boat and ATV towers. We also offer a marine treated option that provides another level of protection from the elements when being used in outdoor applications. The VO series is available in 6.5", 6"x9", 8", 10", 12", and 15" sizes.

VO and VO-M

VO Series >


DD Remote Gain Knob with Clipping Indicator

In the world of car audio, the term clipping gets tossed around quite a bit. It's well known that clipping is bad for your audio equipment, but what exactly is this thing we call clipping? In this instance, clipping is the act of overdriving a piece of audio equipment's outputs. This usually happens by turning the gain settings too high in an attempt to maximize the amp's output potential. When the gain is set too high for the application, the amp will produce a squared or clipped sound wave. When an amp's outputs are being overdriven, both the amp and the speakers attached to it will generate a large amount of heat trying to reproduce the clipped signal. This can result in catastrophic damage to both the amp and/or the speaker. In fact, the majority of amp and subwoofer failures we see come through our service department are the direct result of amplifier clipping.

DD Clipping Indicator
Click here to see a DDU video demonstation.

Here at DD we have made the act of equipment preservation easier by implementing an output clipping monitor on the remote gain knob that comes with our M, S, and SS Series Amplifiers. Once you're amp is set up, you simply watch for a red blinking light. If you see the light blinking turn it down and voila, you're no longer clipping. Our clipping indicator is as accurate as an oscilloscope, but it gives you the ability to monitor the dynamic source material we call music in real time. If you set your gains with an o-scope it's all good until some factor in your system changes. This change could be in headunit volume, charging system voltage, source recording level, etc. If any of these factors change from when you initially set your gains with an o-scope, the amplifier's clipping point will change as well. The initial amplifier setup procedure is listed below. Your application specific settings may vary but this is a great place to get started...

  1. Set LPF to 100-125
  2. Set Subsonic to 30-35
  3. Set Master/Slave switch to Master
  4. Set the gain on the amp to minimum (all the way to the left)
  5. Install the remote gain knob and turn it 1/2 way up (the midpoint on the dial)
  6. Set all headunit EQ settings and bass controls to 0
  7. While playing one of your favorite tunes via the source you use most commonly, turn the headunit volume to 3/4. At this time, you will have no output because the gain on the amp is turned down.
  8. Slowly turn the gain on the amp until the clipping indicator on the remote starts to flicker as the frequencies in the music change. Do not allow the clipping indicator to glow solid or flicker continuously on constant music or stay red on transients. This is clipping and we know what happens to those who clip.

So there you have it. With a little bit of initial setup and a little attention paid to the system while listening, you'll have many years of clean enjoyable bass in your future. Tune in next month for tips on Crossover Optimization.

Product Highlight

DD X1The X1.1 is your one piece solution to a myriad of multiple amplifier applications. The X1.1 is an active 4-way stereo crossover, that combines 7 Volt RCA line drive outputs and bandpass crossover design capability. This unit gives you absolute frequency control of your entire system in the most compact space possible. The front and rear panels of the 1/2 DIN chassis are so jam packed with stuff that we couldn't fit any more stuff if we wanted to. When you take a closer look, you'll find 7 individual 24dB/oct filters that utilize stepped potentiometers so you can dial your system in with precise accuracy. The X1.1 doesn't skimp internally either; we used high-end JRC op-amps so even the true fidelity purists out there will be satisfied.

Click here for more specs.

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This month's featured install comes to us from Scott Perry, who was drawn to car audio at age 15. He recalls reading Cruthfield and CA&E magazines and quickly getting infatuated with anything audio. Before even owning his own vehicle, he took his first Tax Refund check to Radio Shack, bought an Optimus 2ohm 12" sub, built his first enclosure and hooked it up in his classmates Oldsmobile. "I didn't care. I was feeling bass," he said.

Years later, while working under the tutelage of Aaron Davis at Innovative Rides, in Alvin, Texas, he was introduced to DD. Aaron had built a Blow-through setup for a client using 2 - 3512's that slapped him in the face, the back, and everywhere else. "Once again I was hooked, and this time on DD Audio equipment," he explained.

He added, "With a wonderful family and thankfully a great job, it allows us to continue to enjoy clean, loud, and powerful American made products that we can enjoy and hopefully pass on to our two sons. I'd like to thank Aaron Davis and Innovative Rides for carrying DD products and we will continue to support his shop and the Innovative Rides Family."


Dealer: Stereo One
Location: Memphis, Tennessee, USA

This month we spoke with, Gene Milloway from Stereo One, who helped play a big part in bringing Digital Designs to the Memphis area. We asked him for a bit of background on the the shop, and here's what he had to say. "Stereo One has been around since the late 80's, and is one of the largest retailers in the mid-south region with a focus on custom design and installation. Stereo One has become the destination for all types of customers looking to take their system to the next level."

When asked about what drew them to Digital Designs, Gene told us, "We love DD because it is low cost, offers custom options, has high power handling, and sturdy construction. We are fortunate enough to be the exclusive DD dealer in our area." They have also had great success using the Atrend line of enclosures designed by DD, for those customers looking for a basic "out the door" set up. If you are anywhere near the Memphis area stop in and see these guys. You'll be glad you did! Keep an eye out in future newsletters, and the DD Facebook page for some of their work.

Stereo One

Install of the Month

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