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Oklahoma City, OK. - DD Audio is pleased to announce the redesign of the ddaudio.com website, designed with a more modern layout and user-friendly navigation. Our mission was to create a clean new look with updated graphics and accurate information for a better user experience.

The new home page welcomes our visitors with bolder, in your face images that show off DD Audio products.

Major updates:

The drop-down menu gives our visitors an easier and faster way to navigate through mobile, home and personal audio products.

The products page was designed with the same purpose in mind – for easier and faster navigation with larger and better quality product photos. The woofer pages show off the DD innovations with detailed explanations and graphics.

The gallery has been updated to show off the 6,000,000+ custom woofer combinations that can be designed with a full list of materials and descriptive samples of customizing options displayed in a grid or list view.

The Dealer Locator shows new icons with a more convenient way to locate a dealer by typing in a location or zip code. Auto suggestion makes it even faster to locate a DD dealer by suggesting a location as you begin typing.

Other additional updates include new icons, a more robust news page along with a reformatted contact page. The tech specs of our products have been updated and reformatted for better reading experience.

Moving forward we will continue to make additional functionality improvements and updates to stay on top with the most accurate information on our products.

What to expect in the near future:

  • A build your own custom woofer wizard
  • accessories and product options for products like the C Remote or Marine treatment options.
  • in-depth company history section
  • product archive of discontinued products

We hope you enjoy the redesign. If you have any questions, comments,
or technical issues, please do not hesitate to contact us at