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August 2013 Newsletter

The DDownlow

DD Product Feature

August 2013

DD SS5 Amplifier

5 channels of big sound in a little chassis.

The new SS5 amplifier is the perfect one amp solution to a clean and powerful high performance car audio system. Our customers wanted a single amp capable of driving a real DD system that was small enough for a hidden install application.

Our new SS5 builds on the discrete, full range, class D technology we debuted in the SS 2-channel and 4-channel amps. This 5-channel amp delivers 125W x 4 at 4 Ohms, (200 x 4 at 2 Ohms) + 850 at 1 Ohm, and can deliver over 2000 watts of dynamic power on demand from a chassis 450mm(17.7") long and 180mm(7.1") wide. Channels 1/2 have 20Hz-5kHz high pass filter, channels 3/4 have 20Hz-5kHz switchable high and low pass filter, and the sub channel has subsonic and low pass filter. The remote gain carries our DD clip light indicator.

DD SS5 Amplifier

The SS5 is THE one amp solution for awesome audio: high-end sound quality, low battery drain, 2000W of mind blowing power and all in an impossibly small SS chassis that fits in the palm of a rather large hand. In a recent review by PASMAG they said “The SS5 was one of the most powerful five-channel amps they've ever reviewed”. Click here to check out the full PASMAG review, complete with an in depth bench test.

DD SS5 Amplifier


DD - Designed for Durability

It seems that the first questions we get when talking to new dealers is how do we deal with defectives and returns. Perhaps this is an indication of the state of our current industry as it races to zero margin and lowest possible product costs. In this model where lowest price wins, product cost is squeezed as hard as possible. Companies are forced to buy low and sell for as much as they can, until the end of the year warehouse fire sale starts. The OEM manufacturers are forced to build as fast as possible, use lowest cost parts, then assemble for speed and ease of processing.

Yet, the consuming end of our market might be the most abusive of any product segment this side of extreme motor sports. Something has to give and it most often does in the manifestation of broken audio equipment. Returns have become an accepted way of doing business. Dealers selling these commodity type products look for companies with the most lax return policy because the unpleasant nature of dealing with unpleasant customers is very unpleasant. But, what happens to the customers that get tired of bringing their car back to be fixed again, and again? They go find another place to do business, while trash talking the brand and former dealer.

The Best Warranty is a Better Built Speaker

We, at DD Audio, don't want to be in the race to ZERO margin or be in the business of offering products where the primary selling point is how easy the replacement of defectives is orchestrated. We are in the business of making happy customers because our focus is on building products designed for how customers use them. Our products lead a hard life and in the past 25 years, we have learned ways to give our products the best chance of survival in a harsh environment AND be the best sounding at the same time.

We build products for the long haul. We've been around for over 25 years and plan to be here for another 25 and beyond. We manufacture speakers because we like being a manufacturer. We like building great products and we are focused on building better and better products every year. We are always experimenting, learning and applying what we see in our R&D "what if" projects.

Building reliable products starts with the initial design. We take advantage of the technology that our USA parts vendors are capable of producing. The highest strength to weight ratio cones in the world, the highest temperature coils in the world, the most durable suspension, the most efficient surrounds, the most durable tensile lead and the strongest glues.

Made in the USA

We built OEM speakers for many companies and understand the cost squeezing aspects and need for fast assembly to lower production costs. We abandoned OEM manufacturing to concentrate on how to build the best speakers without the compromises necessary in the OEM to market models. Our assembly is quite tedious and 100% hand assembled. All joints are double, triple or quadruple glued. All parts are checked for tolerances before assembly and rechecked at various stages of assembly. We strive to build great speakers, everyday.

DD Quote Over the years, we have seen every kind of speaker failure. We use this information to develop better raw materials, improve technology and advance assembly methods to counteract failures. Hard use or abuse of a speaker places huge strain on the voice coil, cone, surround and suspension of a speaker. These are areas we have put a great deal of development. We have been working with the premier USA parts vendors for over 20 years to advance the state of the art in technology. DD speakers use the best parts available in the world, there is no upgrade to be made.

IF a DD speaker breaks, we stand behind our parts and workmanship 100%. We will repair or replace any defect in materials or workmanship and be glad to do it, because this means the problem is fixed and the customer will be happy.

DD Woofer Features

DD Woofer Features

IF a speaker breaks and it is not from a defect, how do we best help the customer? If a customer damages a DD speaker from misuse, abuse or a good natured thrashing due to a fit of reckless abandon, a straight replacement will not fix the problem but ensure a return visit sooner than later. DD speakers already use the highest temperature coils, highest temperature adhesives, have advanced motor cooling, Aluminum heatsinks and shorting rings in the motor, use 4 layer insulated coil formers, dual layer surrounds, multi layer spiders and 6 glue joints surrounding the triple joint.

If a DD speaker breaks, there is a reason, and it needs to be addressed in order to advance the customer's system. In all likelihood, the customer has gotten used to the maximum level his system was designed to play and they want more. This is a good thing, if you own DD.

We offer expert upgrade advice from our tech department with over 30 years of experience. We will help diagnose what went wrong and come up with ways to increase the system performance. Customers can upgrade to larger diameter speakers, change coil impedance or upgrade to higher power handling series. With DD, the customer never has to start over, as their desire for a higher performing system grows, we can grow with them.

The following newsletters will go in-depth to explore what makes a DD special, the work that goes into creating the best woofers we can build.


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We all remember our first system, and the owner of this month's featured install is no different. Nick Mclean's first order of business after getting a drivers license and a car, was to get a system installed. With limited funds and limited knowledge of car audio, his first set up left a lot to be desired. "I ended up with cheap sub-woofers, and speakers from one of the big box outlets," Nick said. Now a bit older, wiser and with more funds to play with, Nick has been able to finally put together the system any of us would be proud of.

When Nick purchased his 2013 Scion FRS, he enlisted the skills of the crew at KCS Exotic Cars in Memphis, TN to handle his build. He went for a full custom set up. He told us, "I am so happy with the sound, and pictures don't do this system justice." He went on to say, "I love Digital Designs because they are high quality and best of all, made in the USA."

Install of the Month

Pioneer AVH-X8500BHS double din head unit
1 pair x CS 6.5
1 pair x CXS 6.5
1 pair x AW3
2 x 2512c subwoofers
1 x SS4a amp
1 x M1c amp

If you would like to be featured in upcoming newsletters please send your information to sales@ddaudio.com.


Dealer: Abtec NZ Online Car Audio
Location: Petone, Wellington, New Zealand

This month's spotlight is Abtec NZ, which is based on the other side of the earth, middle-earth, in fact. Abtec started as a small company twenty years ago doing basic installations and slowly building itself up to being one of New Zealand's largest car audio companies. It has now established itself in its own building in the retail hub of Petone.

Abtec is the brainchild of Ashley Burrell, who started in the car audio scene thirty one years ago, soon after he brought his brother Darryl onboard. Darryl is now running the workshop side of the company. Ashley has been given the nickname Mad-Bass-Burrell due to his insatiable love of bass. This is very obvious when you take into account that every car in the Abtec fleet has DD Audio in them.

When asked why Abtec became NZ's distributor of DD, Ashley said that he wanted to supply NZ with a quality product of both sound and build. This started off with a customer of ten years asking him “Why don't you bring DD in?”. Soon enough, Ashley brought in a few DD subs and hasn't looked back since. Even Ashley's right-hand man, Lance, is mad about DD having convinced Ashley to wall the company Mitsubishi Pajero with DD subs, amps and VO Series drivers!

A lot of Abtec's customers start off buying the LE-M series enclosures. After having a good taste of DD they end up upgrading to 1500/2500/3500 series subwoofers. In some cases, they end up going all out getting M4a's and 9500 and Z series. When asked why their customers liked DD, Lance answered that he is constantly told how beautiful sounding DD gear is and that people can't believe how clear the subwoofers are while being so hard hitting. Abtec's DD customers have responded so well to the DD lineup, that almost everyone of them come back to the shop to let us know how superior DD is to anything they have ever owned in car audio!

Lance was also saying what Abtec loves about the DD product line is not only the beautiful sound quality it produces, but also the fact that the subwoofer lineup is hand-built in the USA. The time, effort and care put into these subwoofers shows instantly as you open the box!

Abtec NZ

Install of the Month

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