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September 2013 Newsletter

The DDownlow

DD Product Feature

September 2013

Personal Audio


DD Audio's continuous search for the most convenient and True To the Source ways for customers to enjoy their music led to the production of our latest line of personal audio products. This lineup includes the DXB-1.1, DXB-03, and the S-Link Bluetooth receiver.

Great bass doesn't mean living with muddy noise. Our DXB (Dynamic Xtra Bass) Earbuds and Headphones share several features that set them apart from the crowd. Their Bubinga wood housings exhibit unique resonance properties that enhance the low frequency timbre while smoothing upper frequency vibrations. Every set has its own unique characteristic grain line patterns that are as individual as fingerprints.The cables are covered in tangle resistant cloth which also adds strength for long term durability. The angled jacks reduces side strain on the cable joint and the driver connections have built in strain relief to help prevent cable breakage.The integrated cable microphone with mute button means you may never have to take them off.

The DXB-01.1 is our second generation of dynamic element earbuds incorporating a host of customer inspired upgrades. The DXB-1.1's use high energy 8mm drivers to deliver a full, rich and thick bass response without sacrificing clean crisp mids and highs. They also come with a natural hemp storage bag with the handy-dandy drawstrings.


The soon to be released DXB-03 Studio Grade Headphones allow you to immerse yourself in audio bliss (while radiating an impeccable style aura). The over-sized 50mm driver is housed in a large vented chamber for deep natural bass response. The DXB-03s are ergonomically designed with soft leather earpads for extended listening comfort, and a adjustable (brushed stainless steel) padded headband for custom fit and durability.

DD S-Link

The S-Link allows anyone who with a Bluetooth enabled device to wirelessly stream audio to a non-Bluetooth device such as a home, or car audio system. The updated S-Link provides better range, improved connectability, and longer battery life over its predecessor. It gives the listener the freedom to control their music without the hassle of being tethered to the audio system by a cable. The S-Link comes complete with a USB charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable, and 3.5mm to RCA adaptor. Also available for 12-volt applications is the U-Charge universal USB socket charger (sold separately). The U-Charge enables in car charging of the S-Link or any other compatible USB device.

If you would like to own a pair of DXB1.1 or an S-LInk for FREE, watch XS Powers Facebook page for an upcoming giveaway!


High Quality Parts Require High Quality Suppliers

True high performance isn't just a marketing label it requires meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of design. In order to build high performing products we use state of the art materials throughout the product. Digital Designs has been engineering and manufacturing speakers for over 25 years, and in that time we've developed close working relationships with several fellow American vendors.

We are fortunate to have the best audio parts suppliers in the world right here in America. These companies have roots extending back to the birth of the audio industry. The expertise level of these companies is unmatched worldwide, but it's seldom called upon in this day of disposable products.

Digital Design's partnerships allow us the ability to engineer and build products that advance the state of the art known as audio. When new materials or design concepts become available our partners come to us first, and we work hand in hand with their R&D departments to test and develop these innovations. Our united goal is to always build a high performance product without compromise.

Synthetic Fiber Blend (SFB) Cone

DD Synthetic Fiber Blend Cone

A cone must be stiff enough not to flex under power but not so heavy as to lower the speaker efficiency unnecessarily. Our cones are a multi-fiber blend developed for extremely high strength to weight ratios. Our X-11 cone technology was developed over a 5 year research project by one of the industries leading scientist. This cone fiber exhibits low mass with high strength while also having an exceptionally high internal speed of sound. This makes for not only a superior strength cone, but also superior in sound quality designs where transient response is vital. We use this cone fiber in high powered subwoofers as well as midrange speakers like the DDW-6.

DD Synthetic Fiber Blend Cone

The bulk of the cone is made from a synthetic base of fibers that are bound with a high solids acrylic matrix. These cones exhibit very low moving mass while minimizing unwanted cone flex. This synthetic fiber blend resists strength variations due to moisture and temperature changes. The X-11 fiber can be built up in a low density matrix to increase the cross-section area thereby greatly increasing rigidity with low mass. The high build up on the back of our subwoofer cones acts as strengthening ribs, building further rigidity to the cone geometry.

DD Synthetic Fiber Blend Cone

Additional apex treatments around the cone/voice coil joint area are used to further increase the strength. These cones represent the state of the art in cone technology and even rival the strength to weight ratios of our full-on composite molded cones.


VideoVisit our youtube channel to watch our newest product spotlight video featuring our M Series Amplifiers. Don't forget to subscribe while you're there, and be the first to know when we upload new videos!

DD Testimonial


This month we packaged our install with the dealer of the month, Custom Car Concepts. Shop manager, Luke Schrade, gave us the run down on his Chevy Tahoe LTZ. The goal with this system was to show that you could build a great daily driver/ground pounder, without having to take out a second mortgage on your house.

Opting to keep the factory dual zone DVD receiver, which came with all of the factory bells, and whistles. Luke and the crew decided to scrap everything else, and integrate a full compliment of Digital Designs drivers into the Tahoe. They replaced the front door speakers with DDCS6.5 components, and CXS6.5 coaxials in the rear doors.

The DDC4c was tapped to power everything on the front stage. The other challenge in this setup was to add a solid sub foundation, while still maintaining the functionality of the vehicles 3rd row seat. The space just happened to be perfect for a trio of DD1510's, which are powered by the DDCM1000. The end result is a great sounding system,that is extremely affordable.


Dealer: Custom Car Concepts
Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA

Custom Car Concepts has been providing a full range of aftermarket car stereo, video and security to the Phoenix area since January 2010. With products ranging from simple entry level factory upgrades to security and remote start system, to full custom, high end systems, they have something for everyone.

They started at our first small location with a few in-dash receivers and a couple of small vendor orders. Since then, they have quadrupled their facility size, upgraded their stocking and purchasing power to include direct key dealer status with many large factory distributors, as well as a large in store inventory.

The owner, Matt Ogram, has been a car audio enthusiast since his high school years, and has acquired many skills over the years as a both, an installer and a small business owner. Manager, Luke Schrade, has been involved in the car audio industry for many years and has worked in the retail, install, and manufacturing aspects of the business in multiple markets. Installer, Mike Lopez, has been an install fixture in the Phoenix area for over a decade and brings a full arsenal to the install bay as both an MECP master tech and a very well rounded fabricator.

Their favorite part of being a DD dealer is the great response from their customers and knowing that they are providing an exclusive, protected product that still offers high quality and great profit margins without having to compete with the internet and every other stereo shop in town when dealing with price shopping customers.

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