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January 2014 Newsletter

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January 2014

DD Audio X1.1 Active Crossover

The X1.1 is a hidden gem in the DD Audio product line that anyone using a multiple amp setup should take a closer look at. The X1.1 splits a stereo audio signal into 4 separate frequency bands (Sub, Low Band, Mid Band, and Hi Pass) that can be optimized to allow an array of drivers to cover the entire audio spectrum in the most efficient manner. Simply put this means better sound.

This wonderful little piece gives you the ability to set all your subsonic, high-pass, low-pass, and gain settings from one central location. So instead of running back and forth from amp to head unit or needing a buddy's help, you can just sit in the drivers seat and tweak till you've achieved audio perfection.

The X1.1 combines a 7 Volt line drive output and complex crossover design capability with absolute high fidelity in the most compact use of space possible. The front and rear panels are so jam packed with stuff that we just couldn't fit any more stuff. What we were able to pack into the ½ din chassis was a 24dB/oct 4-way stereo crossover network, 11 adjustment potentiometers, 10 sturdy through bolt style RCA connectors, and a heavy duty Phoenix power connecter. We outfitted the X1.1 with 41 detent potentiometers, that when combined with the provided frequency adjustment chart gives you the ability to dial in the exact cut frequencies you want without any guesswork. We didn't scrimp on the internals either. The X1.1 uses JRC hi-end op-amps for audio quality that will satisfy even the most discerning of fidelity purists out there.

DD Audio X1.1 Active Crossover

If you are truly building a car audio system with great sound quality the X1.1 active crossover is your 1 piece control solution.

X1.1 Active Crossover $269. Click here to visit for full specs and details.

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Extended Range Of Motion (EROM) Surround

One of the most copied of all the DD Audio innovations is our EROM subwoofer surround. Many companies even use the term EROM surround in their marketing. DD Audio developed the EROM surround profile to handle the ever-increasing need for cone excursion. The EROM profile allows for increased excursion while keeping the effective piston diameter high and wasted moving mass low. EROM surrounds combine high sensitivity with extended low frequency capability.

Traditional wide profile, inner tube type, surrounds allow for some additional throw but at the expense of both effective radiating diameter and sensitivity. A 15" speaker with a wide surround uses a 12" cone body; a 12" uses a 10" cone, and so on and so on. When a manufacturer uses bigger surrounds with smaller cones all they really do is reduce the area of the speaker that pounds out the SPL.

DD Audio's EROM Surround

At DD Audio we didn't think it made any sense to send out a 12" speaker to do a 15" speaker's job? So, in cooperation with our American supplier we developed the EROM surround. The EROM surround profile let's you have your cake and eat it too; long throw capability AND large piston diameter. This actually allows the use of 15" cones in 15" speakers, 12"s in 12"s and so on and so on!

DD Audio's EROM Surround

But wait, that's not the only benefit you get when using a DD Audio EROM surround. Those same inner tube surrounds that steal your cone area also have much more inherent moving mass due to their bulky, inefficient profiles. The wide profile requires extra surround thickness to keep them from flapping around under power. The added moving mass in turn requires more amp power to overcome all the bulk.

We decided that if you didn't want to waste cone area you wouldn't want to waste amplifier power either, so once again the EROM surround saves the day by taking advantage of height vs width to increase surround travel, since height is the major component to excursion, not width. By changing the surround profile we effectively reduced the our surrounds overall surface area and the required moving mass. This makes the EROM design highly efficient in its excursion/mass ratio.

DD Audio's EROM Surround

So in summary, the EROM surround allows for more excursion, more cone area, and more sensitivity. It's no wonder so many companies have jumped on the EROM basswagon. In true DD fashion, we're not satisfied with just calling it good, so keep your eyes peeled for the next generation of EROM. Coming soon to a woofer near you!


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Michael Scott's mission was to equip his 2014 Jeep Wrangler SC with the loudest stereo he could find. He headed over to Advantage Audio in Elk City, Oklahoma to have Lance and his crew see what they could do. Having used DD Audio products in past vehicles, Michael already knew what brand he wanted. After a bit of consultation they decided to go as BIG as they could, the new DD9921SC!

The guys from Advantage went straight to work, building Michael a system that would not only look great, but would also meet his perform needs. Having never used a sub quite this large before, everyone was a bit unsure as to what they should expect. Lance told us that once the system was completed they were all amazed at how well the DD9921SC performed. Lance said, "Not only was it extremely musical, but it had no trouble getting insanely loud!" The ginormous 21" sub was fully complimented with DDA series mids/highs, and DD Audio amplifiers. So, after the addition of 9 DD speakers, and almost 6,000 watts of DD Power, Mr. Scott rolled out with exactly what he wanted. See pictures below.


Dealer: Car Sound
Location: Des Moines, IA, USA

Car Sound first opened it's doors in 1978 as a small shop doing installs only. Today, owner, Brian Nebel and son (Max), are direct with several distributors, and they offer a wide range of products in their store. Car Sound can fix you up with just about anything 12v you need. They offer iPod integration, remote starts, alarm systems, mobile video, car audio, and marine audio.

The shop stays busy year a round with window tint, marine systems, and high end audio systems through the warmer months; followed by a high quantity of remote starts and more audio around the holidays.

Car Sound is a fairly new DD Audio dealer, but Brian says "Without a doubt, picking up the line has been a great move forward with great product. The best part about DD Audio is that I can offer my clients high quality products without having to compete against anyone else in town or on the internet." He also said "It's outstanding knowing the product is found in only quality car audio shops!"

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