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March 2014 Newsletter

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March 2014

DD Audio For Life Products

We’re sure most of you have noticed several awesome new, non-car audio, products on our website and social media lately. If not, you definitely need to check out the latest additions to our personal and home audio lineups. We’ve been working hard here at headquarters to bring you a broader range of DD quality products that enhance your day to day life through audio. After hours of listening and tweaking we’re proud to formally introduce our updated line of DD AUDIO FOR LIFE products. These products will be available for purchase from Authorized DD Audio Dealers, and directly from our official DD 4 Life page.

Our Personal Audio products are designed to bring entertainment to you on a more intimate level, whether it’s on the commute to work or just lounging around the house.

The Personal Audio collection includes:
DXB1.1: In Ear Headphones
DXB-03: Over Ear Headphones
S-Box: Bluetooth Speaker
S-Link: Bluetooth Audio Receiver

DD Home and Personal Audio Products

Our Home Audio offerings are more than your average plug and play noise makers. Space for equipment is at a premium in today’s audio systems; that’s why we engineered these products to produce the most sound possible while taking up the least amount of space. We also designed each of these products with features that allow for a great amount of application flexibility.

The Home Audio collection includes:
ABC-10: Powered Home Audio Subwoofer
IW6.5: In Wall/Ceiling Speaker
LS241: Slimline Satellite Speaker
PM151: Powered Studio Monitors
M151: Bookshelf Studio Monitors

DD LS241

DD Z T-Shirt, now available


Laminated Lead Wire System

For the next installment of our DD Innovation series we’re going focus on the speaker part that creates a pathway for current to travel from your DD amp to your DD sub. That’s right, we’re talking about lead in wires! As excited as we are about lead wires other manufacturers don’t share our enthusiasm. That’s why leadwires are one of the most overlooked components in loudspeaker design. In our quest to build the best product we possibly can we felt the need to improve on the industry standard for both the tinsel portion and speaker wire connection of our lead in wires.

DD Laminated Lead Wire System

So we went to work with one of our American parts suppliers to develop what became our Laminated Lead Wire System (LLWS). Our LLWS was one of the first of it’s kind in the car audio industry. Today different versions of our design are now used by several other manufactures.

Most end users don't even know tinsel wires exist, and those that do lose very little sleep worrying about them. They are hard to see, don't have much advertising value, and the only time anyone takes much notice is when the speaker stops working. THEN, the lead wires get attention, because lead wires are a major failure area in several brands of so-called heavy duty woofers. These little wires do a lot of moving. Think about it, if a speaker moves, say 100 times a second (100 Hz), how many times has the wire gone up and down in a couple of hours, days, weeks or years?

DD Laminated Lead Wire System

Lead wire is made from different types of flexible textile layered with conductive metals. Conductivity is low compared with solid wire, conversely the resistance is high compared to the speaker wire it is connected to on one side, and the voice coil wire it’s connected to on the other.

DD Laminated Lead Wire System

We use multiple strands of the highest quality tinsel wire available laminated into multiple spider layers. This allows us to scale the amount of wire needed to flow high levels of electrical current with the correct spider composition to handle different power levels. The result is high performance without lead slap, lead wire breaks, or burnout.


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Build Your Own Woofer Wizard


Long time car audio fan, Michael Schafer of Thief River Falls, MN, decided to get serious and went on the hunt for the best audio products on the market. Long hours of research led him to DD who thoroughly assessed his audio needs. He became a proud owner of 2 2512's and an M2b earning him 2 first place trophies at his first competition, which left him thirsty for more.

A five hour drive to Bismarck, ND was worth it when the guys at Woods Audio helped him build the system he’d been dreaming of since those early years of audio obsession. He is extremely proud of his new setup, an extremely loud car with unbeatable SQL.

Michael would like to thank the excellent customer service at both Digital Designs and Woods Audio for all their help in with the build. He added, “If you’re looking for the best of the best look no further than Digital Designs equipment.”


Dealer: Audio Extremist
Location: Oklahoma City, OK, USA

This month our featured shop is Audio Extremist of Oklahoma City, OK. Shop owner, Brian Boahannon, has been a car audio enthusiast for as long as he can remember. Brian spent several years doing installs for friends and family until he landed a spot as a lead installer for shop in OKC. In 2010 he decided to branch out and open his own shop.

Audio Extremist specializes in custom installations, and has quickly made a name for itself as one of Oklahoma City's top shops. A couple of things that make the guys at Audio Extremist stand out from the competition is their attention to detail and a focus on customer service. With a simple formula of quality work plus word of mouth advertising the shop has grown faster than Brian could have ever expected. Brian had always been a DD fan, but it wasn't until early 2012, with business growing, and the shop firmly established that he decide to approach us about becoming a dealer. Since Audio Extremist picked up the line, it has been an exciting partnership. Brian said the customer demand for the product has been great and all the custom options allow them to offer their customers truly unique audio systems.

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