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June 2014 Newsletter

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June 2014

Red DustcapWhite DustcapBlue DustcapCamo Dustcap

Due to a growing demand for custom built subwoofers we've decided to give you even more custom options to choose from. Until now, if you wanted to customize the color of your dust cap you could choose from our hand laid carbon fiber, kevlar, or glassfiber caps. While the hand laid caps are super cool, add to your cone strength, and can be reused multiple times; they do get a little pricey if you're trying to factor in the needs and wants when making a big audio purchase.

Well, now we have a solution that will help out with those wants. For your custom pleasure we are offering a more cost effective line of dust cap upgrades. These one time use dust caps will be available in Gloss Red, Gloss White, and Gloss Blue. We will also be offering a limited run of Oak Camo pattern caps. These new caps fit the 12", 15", and 18"- 3500, 9500, 9900, and Z3 subs. Along with the painted caps you can still pick from 14 different custom logo colors and two logo design options to truly make the sub yours.

See all available dust cap options here.

DD IW6.5 in-wall or ceiling speaker


Got Mid-Bass?

Once again our customers spoke and we listened. Since we introduced our VO-Series of PA style drivers they've been very well received, but when we asked what, if anything, could we do to improve them, we heard the same thing time and time again. Everyone loved their efficiency and the mid-range output, but as usual DD customers wanted more BASS! Midbass to be exact.

VO Surround

In response, we made a tweak here and there, and the end result is a driver that stays true to the mid-range output the VO's are known for, but now they're able to deliver a healthy +-3DB punch of midbass as well.

Just so you guys are in the know about the technology that enables the improved VO's to do what they do, here's a quick rundown of what's new:

M-Roll Surround:
This newly tooled surround style allows for very low midrange distortion while allowing for the throw needed for better midbass reproduction. We used a compressed foam rubber in this M-Roll keeping the mass low while allowing us to tune the stiffness for punch and articulation.

VO magnet Stronger Cone:
With more throw comes more cone stress so we added just enough fiberglass material to the cone to handle the stress without diminishing the efficiency.

Thicker Top Plate:
This allows for a larger area of flux concentration which equals more coil control to match the additional coil throw.

More Magnet:
This enables the larger top plate to be fully saturated with flux, and it adds depth to the motor for additional coil throw.

Longer Coil:
This allows for more throw which translates into better midbass reproduction.

For full specs and details, click here.


VideoVisit our youtube channel to watch our NEWEST product spotlight video featuring our DD X1 Signal Processor. Don't forget to subscribe while you're there, and be the first to know when we upload new videos!

DD BC6.5 Component set


We didn't have to travel far to find our feature install for this month. Our good friend Felipe Rodriguez, who owns Intense Audio and Wheels here in north Oklahoma City, just completed a personal project he has been working on for the past couple of years. Before installing the DD system in his 1964 Chevy Impala SS, Felipe did a full interior, and exterior restoration. He wanted to keep the install low key, but still get a big sound. So, the guys at Intense north went all out to get as much sound as possible in the cabin without sacrificing any space. We can tell you first hand that this set up sounds amazing! We think you'll agree that it looks amazing as well. Check out the full run down on the equipment used for this install below.

System setup
4 - DDAW-6.5
4 - DDAT-28
2 - DD2508
1 - DDM1c
1 - DDSS4
1 - DDCXS6.5 (In trunk for sound when showing the car)


Dealer: Custom Sound Works
Location: Lubbock, TX, USA

Our featured dealer this month is Custom Sound Works of Lubbock, Texas. Owner Mike Jones has the distinction of being the first Digital Designs retailer, and the first competitor to use DD branded sub-woofers in competition. Mike developed a close relationship with Digital Designs that dates back to the late 1990's. The original DD green beast, still to this day, is the loudest vehicle ever with stock windows, and the first world record holder to use Digital Designs sub-woofers. The Green Beast produced 175+ decibels countless times. Over the course of his competition career, Mike and the Custom Sound Works team have won over 71 championships, 31 World Records, and 26 State Records. They have also broken 6 legal B and K SPL World Records. The team broke a landmark 178db in 2005, and were the first to break over 170 decibels on the B and K microphone.

In addition to running his shop, Mike takes the time to make himself available to other DD customers and dealers by offering his vast knowledge of enclosure building and system design whenever he is called upon to do so. Mike tells us that to this day, Digital Designs is the "go to" set up for everyone that visits his shop. He wanted to personally give a nod of thanks to his hardworking staff. Laura Jones (Administration), Richard Garza (Assistant Manager/Head shop foreman), Kurtis Cavitt (Installer), Shayne Smith (Part-time Installer), and Milo (Cat/Quality Inspector). They all help make Customs Sound Works the best shop it can possibly be.

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