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July 2014 Newsletter

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July 2014

DD EA3.0 Energy Attenuator

In true DD fashion of bigger is better comes EA-3.0, the most heavy duty energy attenuator on the market. At 3.0mm of pure butyl rubber, it's over twice the thickness of most leading brands. This means better attenuation of unwanted energy; road noise, vibration, panel resonances and sound bleed from other cars playing non-DD sound systems. By already being double the thickness of most sound dampers, EA-3.0 negates the need for double layer applications: eliminating double labor.

DD EA3.0 Energy Attenuator

EA-3.0 comes in bulk packs of 15 sheets with one pack covering 60sq feet! One bulk pack is generally enough to do a single layer application in most standard size cars or more than one layer in sub-standard size cars. So when you run the numbers, 1 pack of EA-3.0 gives you the same coverage as two and a half packs of the other guys stuff.

To round out all the necessary features we used an adhesive formulated to be very heat resistant, and amazingly sticky.

Click here for detailed information on the DD EA3.0.

DD IW6.5 in-wall or ceiling speaker


Over Excursion

Today we're going to talk about over excursion, and how to avoid it. Over excursion is simply pushing a driver past its mechanical limits. Over excursion damage is more prevalent on subwoofers because they're made to produce low frequencies, which by nature requires more cone movement. DD subs are built like tanks in their respective power rating classes, but extreme and/or prolonged over excursion will damage spiders, surrounds, cones, glue joints, and coils. The most common damage caused by over excursion is broken glue joints and ripped or torn spiders.

Victim of over excursion

If you're interested in avoiding damage from over excursion there are a couple simple things you can do that will prove to be very effective.

-Proper Suspension Break-IN
-Proper Use of your Subsonic Crossover

If you're asking "Why do I need to break in a DD sub, I don't have to break in a brand X sub?" The answer is simple, a DD sub's suspension is designed to provide stability of the mass in the moving parts, and the spiders must exhibit a high level of control for use in a ported enclosure. We build DD's to sound good for years of service life, not just long enough to get it sold. This means the DD suspension will be stiffer than most other company's suspensions, and will require a little patience during the initial break in. After the woofer is properly broke in, you'll notice it plays deeper, with more dynamic range, and increased output.

For the initial suspension break-in turn your subsonic filter up around 40 Hz for the first week or 12 hours of play time. During this break-in period we suggest listening to the system at a moderate level, and we highly discourage participation in SPL competitions. After the initial break in period you can begin to fine tune your subsonic crossover.

Every vehicle has a different sub frequency transfer function. Your vehicle's specific transfer function will depend on the vehicles cabin and the tuning of the enclosure. This means when setting up crossovers there's not really a one size fits all setting. Luckily the easiest and most effective way to set your subsonic crossover is with your ears. You simply play your system at normal listening volume with the most common style of music that will be played on your system. The next step is to turn your subsonic crossover down to 20hz, then begin adjusting the frequency up until the crossover audibly effects the subs output. Once this happens you have effectively determined the transfer function of your system. This setting may be visually higher on the subsonic dial than you think needs to be, but trust your ear. This procedure optimizes the excursion and amplifier power in the system directed at the exact bandwidth you are hearing in your car. Amplifier power and excursion will no longer be wasted at frequencies not affecting the car, effectively allowing you to INCREASE the gain in the bandwidth that sounds good.


VideoVisit our youtube channel to watch our NEWEST product spotlight video featuring our DD X1 Signal Processor. Don't forget to subscribe while you're there, and be the first to know when we upload new videos!

DD Audio CC1


Since we celebrate our independence this month, we thought we'd proudly introduce you to Dre Hart, an airman stationed at Tinker Air force base in Midwest City, OK. Dre's 2013 Dodge Durango was originally meant to have a completely different set up, but after a bit of listening and a consultation with Brian from Audio Extremist, he decided to go with a full on DD build. Dre tells us he had never owned DD before this build, but now he wouldn't ever choose anything else. We got the chance to hear this monster when Dre stopped by DD to have it's pictures taken. This thing is INSANE!!

System setup
2 - DD9918's
4 - DDVO-6.5's
4 - DDB1 tweeters
4 - DD-T2 tweeters
1 - DD-C5c 4-Ch Amp
1 - DD-C4c 4-Ch Amp
1 - DD-M4a


Dealer: Traffik Jamz Car Audio
Location: Denvel, CO, USA

Traffik Jamz Car Audio is a family owned car audio/video shop located in Denver, Colorado. In addition to car audio, they offer several customizing services making them a one stop shop for anyone looking to make their ride stand out from the crowd. These guys have been in business for over 26 years, and are fully staffed by professionals who truly love car audio. Traffik Jamz is committed to offering their customers the best in car audio. Sam and his crew added Digital Designs to their line up a little over a year ago, and with great customer response it has quickly become one of their go-to product lines. They believe in the brand so much they even made DD a focal point on their shop vehicle the wrap!

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