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DDZ Survival Guide
DDZ Survival Guide
So you want to know what makes a Z outplay and outlast all other woofers? Well, here's a quick rundown of the weapons that come stock on every Z to better prepare it for the battles it will face over its lifetime.
Open Architecture 13 Lens
Neodymium Motor
8-Layer Flat Wound
Aluminium Voice Coil
X-11 Non-pressed Synthetic
Fiber Blend (SFB) Cone*
Cast Aluminium Frame
Real Carbon Fiber
EROM Surround
Laminated Lead Wire
System & 9" Multispider
FiberGlass Reinforced
Will You
180+dB : If you truly dream about vanquishing the planet of inferior competition with 180+ dB, you'll need to take your attack to the next level with our custom performance options. Contact DD Audio for more information.
* Custom Options Available