The C4c is a perfect step up amp for 4 channel OEM and head unit powered systems. With up to 80 Watts of continuous power into 4 channels, the C4b adds the clarity and punch in a 1 amp solution. The C4c can be configured in 3 channel mode to deliver 2 x 80 watts to mid/high speakers and over 160 Watts of power to a sub system.


Channels 4
Cont Wattage @ 4ohm 60W x 4ch, 160W x 2ch
Cont Wattage @ 2ohm 80W x 4ch
Input Voltage Sensitivity 0.2 - 6V
Power Wire Guage In Spade Terminal
Speaker Wire Gauge Out Spade Terminal
Dimensions: in 2.08" x 9.45" x 11"
Dimensions: mm 5.28 x 24 x 27.94 cm
Shipping Weight - lbs 8 lbs / 3.63 kg