The new S2b is our largest class AB amplifier to date, with long term output capability of over 1100 watts per channel in 1 ohm stereo operation. The S2a was laid out as a high-end design utilizing beautiful rows of output devices and a quad transformer power supply layout. The result is a high speed, high control amplifier with enormous power supply capability that has the singular goal of making your tunes sound as sweet as possible.


Channels 2
Cont Wattage @ 2ohm 800W x 2ch, 2700W x 1ch
Cont Wattage @ 1ohm 1350W x 2ch
Input Voltage Sensitivity 0.2V - 8V
Power Wire Guage In 0 AWG
Speaker Wire Gauge Out 10 AWG
Dimensions: in 35.5" x 9.12" x 2.5"
Dimensions: mm 90.17 x 23.16 x 6.35 cm
Shipping Weight - lbs 36 lbs / 16.33 kg