Through advanced metallurgy techniques, the BW6.5’s anodized aluminum cone has been optimized with the perfect balance of weight, rigidity, and damping resulting in a driver that is able to efficiently produce a wide bandwidth of silky smooth mid range. We used a cast aluminum basket for extra rigidity, heat dissipation, and minimal parasitic magnetic absorption. For durability and installation convenience, we outfitted it with heavy duty chrome push terminals. Topping off the veritable cornucopia of performance features is the use of a shorting ring. You can’t see this feature, but what it does for the driver is almost magical. It minimizes back emf and inductance resulting in lower harmonic distortion, better high-end extension, better power delivery to the voice coil, and it even helps with heat dissipation.


Driver Size 6.5 in
Watts RMS 50-150
VCD 1.5
Impedance S4
Frequency Response - Hz 50-8000
Qms 7.166
Qes 0.422
Qts 0.398
dBSPL 89
Mounting Diameter - in 5 17/32
Mounting Depth - in 2 29/32
Price (USD) 209 pair