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The DDPM-151 powered monitors deliver studio quality sound from a surprisingly compact setup. The 151s channel their amazing sound via 5” drivers and 1” soft dome tweets loaded into tuned rear ported enclosures then perfectly power matched with an integrated amplifier. This product was designed to make your life better through the joy of listening to your favorite collections like you’ve never heard them before. We utilized simplistic design elements coupled with the high-tech flexibility today’s audio enthusiast requires making the 151s some of the coolest speakers ever made. With one RCA input plus two 3.5mm AUX inputs you can connect and switch between 3 different sources, including Bluetooth receivers like our S-Link. The 151s are so easy to use, and sound so good, you will wonder how you got along without them. So get a set, turn ‘em up and then tell a friend!

Features :

  • Tweeter : 1”  Natural Silk Dome, Cavity back
  • Woofer : 5” driver, low distortion shorting ring motor design, high Performance Cone.
  • Enclosure : Like the other components, the DD-PM151’s enclosure has an important role in shaping the overall sonic response. In order to provide more stable performance, the DD-PM151’s enclosure employs MDF walls and unique interior reinforcement designed to absorb vibration generated under extreme conditions. We also utilize a tuned rear ports to extend the reproduction of very low frequencies
  • USB : To charge 5V devices such as smart phones.
  • RCA Input : Used to connect signals from unbalance, -10dBv devices. The white connector is for the Left input and the red connector is for the Right input.
  • AUX Inputs : For maximum flexibility, we have included 2 stereo “Aux in” input allowing a three audio sources (such as your portable music player, computer, etc.).
  • Voltage-Select Switch : Provides 2 selections, 115VAC and 230VAC, and should be set to match the “house supply” (receptacle) voltage of the country or location in which the speaker is used. The 115V setting is correct for the USA, while the 230V setting is correct for most of the UK and Europe.
  • Aux AC Output : Power outlet for Airport Express or wireless repeater devices.
  • SUB Out : Supply signal below 80Hz Low Frequency for subwoofer
  • High Pass Switch : Cuts frequencies below 80Hz when used with a subwoofer.

Driver(s)Woofer 5", Tweeter 1" Silk Dome
TypeTwo-way Powered Speaker System
Model No. Price
PM151 $279 pair

* Price is for continental USA only. Does not include taxes or shipping. International prices will be higher due to import taxes, duties, shipping & customs charges.

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