In true DD fashion of bigger is better comes EA-3.0, the most heavy-duty energy attenuator on the market. At 3.0mm of pure butyl rubber, it’s over twice the thickness of most leading brands. This means better attenuation of unwanted energy; road noise, vibration, panel resonances and sound bleed from other cars playing non-DD sound systems.

EA-3.0 comes in a bulk roll with one pack covering 40sq feet. One bulk pack is generally enough to do a single layer application in most standard size cars or more than one layer in sub-standard size cars.


EA3.0 Features:

  • 3mm Total Sheet Thickness
  • Black Aluminium Top Sheet with Bitchin Logos
  • 100% High-Grade Butyl
  • High-Temperature Resistant
  • Really Sticky adhesive
  • 40sq Feet Total Coverage
  • Handy Bulk Roll Dispenser Packaging
  • 50lbs Total Shipping Weight


Shipping Weight - lbs 50
Price (USD) 249