Install Highlight: 2004 Seat Leon – Matchless Achievement

Turning out complete audio system after audio system takes a never ending well of talent, creativity, drive and education. Car Audio fabrication is a monumental task for any install technician, let alone a firm that routinely works on the automotive industry’s finest offerings such as Bentley coupes or Brabus Mercs. Like adding diamonds to the bezel of a Rolex, the craftsmen at Tuning HIFI Shop, in Slovakia, take already precious possessions and turn them into absolute art.

The equipment list in the vehicle being highlighted today, a 2004 Seat Leon, reads like the ingredient list for a block party, with enough mid and high range reproduction to rival most pro audio systems! With 12 VO-M8’s and 4 VO-B1’s for just the front stage, not to mention another quartet of VO-M8’s and a pair of the venerable VO-B2 tweeters in the boot, this concert array is more than capable of keeping up with the thunder lurking within. Bringing the house down are four of REDLINE 700 series 15” woofers, powered by 2 massive M4a amplifiers. The remainder of the power duties are split between two SS4b’s and 2 A5 multi-channel amps, all seamlessly integrated in a sleek amp rack.

Konde Install DD Speakers Trunk

Having first seen our equipment in the lanes during a European dB Drag event 15 years ago, our builder, Gabriel Konde, knew that he had found a company with a long standing tradition of turning out products with “matchless achievement”. This relationship led to Tuning HIFI Shop becoming the only authorized DD Dealer in the country! Gabriel states that:

“for our customers we want only the best, most satisfying result. The most important thing for us is to see a happy smile on the face of our customers when they turn on the new DD installation in their cars.”

We will keep our eyes peeled, as Gabriel is constantly turning out high quality builds stuffed to the gills with DD Audio products. We would like to thank Gabriel and the whole crew at Tuning HIFI Shop. Your work is an inspiration to the next generation of custom audio enthusiasts!

Sound Equipment List:
16x DD Audio VO-M8 – Voice Optimized Mid-Range 8” Speakers
4x DD Audio VO-B1 – Voice Optimized Bullet Tweeters
2x DD Audio VO-B2 – Voice Optimized Bullet Tweeters
4x DD Audio 715 – REDLINE 700 Series Subwoofers
2x DD Audio M4a – M Series Monoblock Amplifiers
2x DD Audio SS4b – SS Series Multi-Channel Amplifiers
2x DD Audio A5 – Multi-Channel Amplifiers

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Product Spotlight: DD Audio’s NEW 1506 Subwoofer with 6.5” ESP

It is with great excitement that we announce the immediate release of the brand new 1506 Power Tuned Subwoofer, our smallest addition to their growing arsenal of ESP equipped subwoofers. If you need big woofer bass, but have a limited build area, the Power Tuned 1506 ESP is your new best friend. At 6.5 inches, the 1506 is a perfect solution for small space applications such as under and behind seats or tucked away in consoles and other compartments.

As with its bigger brothers, the 1506 ESP is designed to accommodate today’s high excursion listening styles with larger diameter suspensions and deeper frames compared to standard sub designs, as well as proprietary surrounds and cones to fully take advantage of the increased geometries. Additionally, the 1506 ESP features an optimized drive circuit with a 2″ high-temp voice coil and a 20mm top plate, giving the 1506 the power handling and coil control to get loud and play clean. All ESP subs are built to truly maximize performance in their designated size classes thanks to features like:

  • Carbon Fiber Blend Cone (CFB) – The CFB composition employs a potent carbon fiber based cocktail to give you the highest strength to weight ratio of any pulp cone in the industry.
  • Vario-density Extended Range Of Motion Surround (V-ROM) – Provides the ultimate in linear control at high excursion while still allowing for dynamic sounding bass reproduction. The control ribs are compressed to a lesser density than the main surround body to allow for a continuously variable control system. The harder you drive it the more control you get.
  • Tuned Spider System (TSS) – Each suspension is tuned for specific performance traits, e.g. High Definition, Power Handling, X-Stiff Control.
  • Super Frame (SFrame) – Maximizes spider diameter, cone diameter, suspension excursion, works as a secondary shorting ring and provides additional heat sinking for better heat flow from the coil.

This performance enhancing package is already available on the 8”, 10”, 12”, 15”, and 18” frame sizes of Power Tuned, HiDef Tuned, and Z Series subwoofers. With the addition of the 1506 there’s now an ESP sub to fit your install no matter how big or small.

1506 Specs:
Power Handling: 300-600 watts RMS
Impedance Options: Dual 2 Ohm or Dual 4 Ohm
Mounting Diameter: 6.3”
Mounting Depth: 6”
MSRP: $369

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Dealer Spotlight: CarTunz of Williston, ND

Shop Name: CarTunz
Shop Location: 2710 2nd Ave W, Williston, ND 58801, USA
Owner’s Name: Greg Fuchs

DD: How long have you been in business?
CarTunz: This marks the year that most only dream of; the year of our 25th anniversary. I (Matt Hermann) have worked for CarTunz for the past four years.

DD: How did you get started in car audio?
CarTunz: I originally got into car audio as a hobby and as a competitor in SPL Competitions. I got to meet a lot of people and made a lot new friends, including the guys at CarTunz.

CarTunz Team Shop DD Product

DD: What made you decide to do car audio for a living?
CarTunz: I decided I wanted to work for CarTunz because I wanted my love and my passion for car audio to go from a hobby to a career.

DD: Does your shop specialize in anything specific?
CarTunz: What makes CarTunz who we are is our quality of work and customer service. We are not a “get it in & get it out” company. We will take a little more time and do the job right. Our customers’ happiness at the end of the day is what matters most. As a small town audio shop, those customers are the reason we are still around after 25 years.

DD: Where did you first hear about DD Audio, and why did you decide to become a DD Audio dealer?
CarTunz: CarTunz was already a DD Dealer when I met the team. I first ran DD Audio equipment when I was competing. I have ran many other brands of products and nothing else gave me the results/sound/power that I wanted with the durability I needed.

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DXBT-05 Wireless Active Noise Canceling Headphones – You Go, They Go!

Product Spotlight: DXBT-05 Wireless Active Noise Canceling Headphones – The Name Says It All!

The world can be a loud place. Children crying, couples arguing, dogs barking, machinery of all kinds, white noise, brown noise, even bassheads with their toys. At DD Audio, we know loud because we go loud. Our expertise in crafting the biggest and the most sonically accurate sound waves brings with it a unique, but nonetheless inherit insight into creating equally strong, but inverted waves. Applying this understanding to our lifestyle line, we designed a new pair headphones that retain all the beauty and acoustics that made the DXB’s famous, while also incorporating noise-canceling technology and bluetooth connectivity. DD Audio is proud to introduce the DXBT-05 Wireless Active Noise Canceling Headphones.

With the ergonomic over-the-ear design, soft cushioned headband, and up to 12 hours of battery life, the DXBT-05’s are made for those with busy and active lifestyles. The handcrafted black walnut housings deliver a naturally wide soundstage while also gleaming a modernist appeal for the style-conscious. The 40mm drivers in the acoustically tuned housings immerse listeners in audio bliss while the Active Noise Canceling filters reduce unwanted external impurities by up to 20dB. Because these studio grade headphones were designed with a wide range of users in mind, DD Audio includes a 3.5mm connection cord for wired play when Bluetooth isn’t an option.

DD Audio designed the DXBT-05 Wireless Active Noise Canceling Headphones to tune you in and tune noise out. Whether hitting the gym, seeing the world abroad, or just staying home to play video games, the DXBT-05’s go where you go, leaving behind the impedance of wires, low battery life, and the distracting noise… and trust us, we know the noise.

DXBT-05 Wireless Active Noise Canceling Headphones

DXBT-05 Wireless Active Noise Canceling Headphones

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Tech Talk: Mid-bass Madness – Getting the most out of your door speakers

Tech Talk | WRITTEN BY AARON TRIMBLE | February 2019

Mid-bass is simultaneously one of the most impressive showings of a good car stereo system as well as one of the most often mucked up showings of a bad car stereo system. Ever upgraded from stock speakers only to be met with disappointment as you note the supreme loss of mid-bass response? If so, you’re not the only one. Mid-bass is the frequency range that is affected the most if a set of door speakers is not installed properly. Thousands of speakers get “free” or “basic” installs and as a result thousands speakers are installed without ever being capable of achieving their full potential. What many speaker installs lack is a consideration for the environment that they’re going into. Even a modestly priced set of speakers can obliterate any factory audio system if they’re installed correctly.

If you go into your local shop to look at a new set of components, your going to find a lot of options. That’s where the trouble starts. Many times customers are sold on bigger badder speakers, not necessarily better sound. In tandem with this idea, consumers have conditioned themselves to see a nice shiny speaker and think it’s the best way to get better sound. To an extent, it is. After all, a better speaker has the potential to sound better, but if it’s not installed properly, it won’t sound much better that what you first started with.

Many shops will have a basic installed price listed on their speakers to help you see what the final ticket will be. A basic car audio install is bare bones and includes physically putting the equipment in the specified location. Unless otherwise specified, it doesn’t include any sound deadening, it doesn’t include a spacer ring that mimics the factory speaker mount, it doesn’t include any gasketing, and it doesn’t mean that you’re getting the most out of the purchase of your speakers. Don’t mistake this statement as saying your local car audio shop is cheaping out, or cheating the consumer out of good sound. Quite the contrary, car audio has for a long time been a market that is sold on the equipment and price, not the experience as it should be.

Now, let’s say you have around $400 total to spend (equipment & install) on putting new front speakers in your ride. You would be looking at two different sets of DD speakers in that price-range. The CC6.5a components ($329.00) and the DC6.5a components ($179.00). Most “basic component installs” will range between $75 and $150. Even if we assume we’ll be at the bottom of the install price range at $75, that means your going to totally tap out your budget with the CC6.5a’s at $404.00. For that money your speakers will be in the factory speaker locations and they’ll make noise. If you look at the more basic DC6.5a’s with the same budget, your only at $254 with the basic install. This leaves a large portion of your budget to do installation upgrades to optimize your speakers sound. Lots of consumers make the mistake of thinking money is going down the drain when it’s put to labor rather than going into better speakers. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s see why spending more on the install will make the cheaper speakers sound better than the more expensive speakers.

This first install upgrade on the road to better mid-bass is sound deadening. Applying sound deadening and closing up the holes in the door frame helps to isolate the front of the speaker from the back of the speaker. This minimizes frequency cancelation, especially in the mid-bass range. Another benefit of sound deadening is a strengthening of the panel and a reduction of mid-bass detracting vibrations. When we don’t lose acoustic energy to vibration it’s translated as sound, and more importantly, mid-bass.

Door Mount Gaskets and Rings

Correct Gasketing vs Incorrect


The second most important upgrade is proper speaker spacers and gasketing. These two parts work in concert with each other to further eliminate the speaker’s soundwaves from interacting with each other to create more cancelled out sound. When a speaker is correctly installed into a door it is mated up to the grill and gasketed to insure that sound is only being played into the cabin of the vehicle. When a speaker is installed with a basic install, it is often mounted at the same level as the door frame and is not gasketed so sound is allowed to bounce around in between the door frame and the door panel creating areas where sound can be cancelled out.

So next time you go shopping for speakers, make sure a proper install, one that gives your new speakers the respect they deserve, fits into your budget. Remember, you’re not buying speakers, you’re buying better sound.

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