Product Spotlight: DSI-2 – DD Audio’s Newest Take on the DSP is Exactly What Your System is Missing.

Oklahoma City, OK, September 18, 2018 — DD Audio is proud to introduce the new DSI-2, our incredibly upgraded digital signal integrator and processor. The DSI-2 is currently available at authorized dealers worldwide, and you owe it to your ears to go check one out today.

Your sound system is an instrument and you want that instrument leave an impression when played. Rather than be overwhelmed by sound, you want listeners to be bathed in it; fully immersed in digitally optimized, tonally refined, acoustically driven sonic ecstasy. Your instrument may be powerful and it may be clean, but without precise tuning, it’s just another sound system failing to meet it’s true potential.

The DSI-2 allows for a fully customized listening experience thanks to a wide array of controls that cover virtually every aspect of a system’s soundscape. These controls can be accessed and carefully manipulated by an installer using pc software, Android app, or Apple iOS app. This interface allows installers to expertly craft up to six EQ presets, giving the listener a completely deployable setup that has been tuned for different music genres. The software also features password protected lock-out encryption to prevent accidental tuning alterations.



The DSI-2 features 4ch high level-inputs, 4ch low-level inputs, and 10ch low-level outputs (8 programmable + 2 pass-through). This makes the DSI-2 an ideal choice for almost any system of any size. The durable aluminum chassis has a sleek, display worthy, aesthetic, but it’s also a compact concealable design, making the DSI-2 adaptable to a wide range of installation needs. Taking the ease and convenience of this unit to the next level is the optional DSI-BTR accessory package. The DSI-BTR enables app control, Bluetooth music streaming, and remote control of the presets and master volume.

For more detailed information and to take the PC software or apps for a test drive go to the DSI-2 page today.

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Tech Talk: How to save a smoking subwoofer

Tech Talk | WRITTEN BY AARON TRIMBLE | September 2018

A burning a voice coil can be simultaneously the best and worst moment for a young bass enthusiast. It may be the loudest the system has ever played, but the rock concert fogger effect instantly brings panic to a previously enjoyable experience. Many of us have been there, including Ben from Georgia who asks,

“I just smoked all my subs and recones are gonna be expensive. Is there anything I could have done to save them?”

Now burning a voice coil only happens for 1 reason – Too much power! Clipped, unclipped, dirty, clean, it doesn’t really matter how the power goes into the woofer, it is going to cause the voice coil to heat up. If the voice coil heats up enough, it will eventually reach the point of burning the resins that hold the coil windings together. Of course, the goal is never to get to this point. However, if you do you’re probably going to start smelling them, or worse, you’ll see smoke. Both the smoke and the smell are a result of those resins on the coil returning to liquid and eventually a vapor. You can read more about this in the May Tech Talk earlier this year when we did a Burned Speaker Voice Coil Diagnosis.

So let’s say I’m giving a friend a sweet full tilt demo of my new subs and all the sudden, I start smelling hot voice coil. It’s all cool though… I’m not even playing that hard and my friend’s cousin’s boyfriend tuned the amp with a digital multi-meter, so I know I’m not damaging anything. Wait, is that smoke?! Oh no, what should I do? If you said, “Turn it off!” be sure to carry some recones around with you, because that’s how you ruin a woofer. Turning off a hot woofer doesn’t help the woofer cool down, it just doesn’t add any additional heat.

We want to try and cool down the coil as quickly as possible. The best way to do that is to continue playing the woofer, albeit not at the level we were originally playing. By allowing the woofer to continue to play, the coil is moving up and down inside the woofer motor and moving air around the coil. The best way to move the woofer to cool it down is with music or tones well below the tuning frequency of the enclosure. The reason for this is to encourage the most movement from the woofer while minimizing power input to get there. So if I have a 9900 series woofer and I clamp 4000 watts at my tuning frequency, the coil will heat up to a failure level eventually. Now if I can play down below tuning, say 20 Hz and it only takes 1000 watts to reach a large amount of excursion, the coil will begin cooling itself far faster than its heating itself back up with power, thanks in large part to DD Audio’s Free Flow Cooling feature. If I just stop playing the woofer, it won’t be generating any more heat, but it also won’t be cooling itself either.

So next time you’re beating the snot out of your woofers and they get stinky, remember, don’t turn it off. Turn it down!

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DD Does Dallas – KFest 2018 Dallas Recap

Oklahoma City, OK, September 5, 2018No two KnowledgeFest events are identical thanks to industry growth and enhanced focus from dealers and vendors. This year was no exception as DD Audio experienced its best ever training attendance and booth traffic.

DD used the opportunity presented by KnowledgeFest to educate, debut and familiarize. To start, training classes from DD Audio included “The Brick and Mortar Brand” which covered DD products and their dealer-centric philosophy and “Anatomy of a Subwoofer” which gave hands on, expert guided subwoofer build training. Both classes were at capacity.

In the exhibit hall DD showcased their new and beautifully crafted Upgrade Your Sound™ in-store demo display that is now available to dealers. Visitors to DD’s booth were also introduced to several of DD’s newest offerings, including the D4.75 mini amp and the DSI-2 DSP. Both of these products could be heard in a live demo thanks to Shane Stafford of Audio Advantage LLC Newberry, SC. Shane’s gorgeous 2008 Harley Electra Glide Classic was outfitted with a fantastic 16 speaker DD Audio system and was a must see and hear vehicle for attendees.

DD also had the honor of hosting their distributors from Trinidad and the UK at this event, both of which said they fully intend on coming back next year.

In conclusion Knowledgefest always goes well beyond just an educational conference, or a tradeshow. It is a chance for the community of mobile electronics professionals from all over the world to come together to share ideas, opinions, and even homemade cuisine; as tasted at this year’s official Knowledgefest Dallas “Bottle Share”. DD Audio would like to say thank you to the Mobile Electronics Association and all of the attendees for properly rounding out another awesome year of KnowledgeFest events.  

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DD Makes Waves – Surf City 2018 Recap

Oklahoma City, OK, September 5, 2018Summer is at an end and with that end brings a massively successful conclusion to DDKONG’s first touring season. Surf City Soundoff was a first time appearance for DD Audio, but it won’t be the last. The demo team and several other staff members visited Lincoln City, Oregon expecting a nice show with nice weather. What they got was so much more. This combination car show and competition in the Pacific Northwest was perhaps the best surprise of the summer. The team was greeted by dealers and fans who came out in exceptional numbers. The DDKONG was demoing almost non-stop, and if people didn’t get to enjoy the Mighty DDKong, they were welcome to sit in The Platinum Quake built by Scott Scheffler of Platinum Mobile Electronics!

Another particular highlight of this event was the musical performance by DD Brand Ambassador Psyph Morrison. After a great stage performance, Psyph debuted his newest single in the DDKONG, for which the track had been specially tuned.

Thanks to event hosts Travis Chin and Scott Macrae who put together an amazing show. Thanks to Chinook Winds Casino Resort who provided an extra special venue. And many thanks to our dealers and fans who came from all over the region, including Canada, to see DD Audio in action.


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Install Highlight: An SRT-4 Neon, A Dream, and A Little Push


Car audio can be a time consuming habit. Many times a project will get pushed to the wayside, making room for more pressing matters that life can throw our way. On occasion, it takes someone in our lives pushing us to revive the motivation to press on with our dream setups. This case is the latter, with Amanda Mann going that extra mile to initiate the build we have here today.

Our heroine told her husband John that she was taking his older SXT Neon out for a wash and detail, but was secretly bringing home his dream car, an SRT-4 neon in his favorite shade of blue. From that day on, no stone has been left unturned, and the list of mods on this car could choke a horse! In order to do the rest of the car justice, they knew just where to take it. Jim Hergesheimer of Streamline Customs in Vancouver, Washington had the perfect solution for the audio setup in the car, and knew space was at a premium.

Utilizing the back seat area, they were able to delete the radio all together, and use a bluetooth interface to feed signal to the trio of DD amps. The amps chosen were two DD SS2b’s, running the setup in the front stage, that flank a DD M2c, which in turn powers the Hi Def Tuned 3500 series 12’s. The drivers chosen for the front stage were the B Series components. Every aspect of the audio install reflects the vehicle’s true nature of being a purpose built show car. When asked, Amanda shared that her favorite thing about the subs was the ability to have the logos customized to match the paint scheme throughout the vehicle. John, the looming husband in this Husband/Wife build (and the inspiration for the license plates!) also appreciates the way the audio was seamlessly integrated into the build.

Builds like this are rarely “finished” and this one is no exception. When asked about future plans for the build, the dynamic duo state that they have ideas on what direction they would like to take next, and you better believe it will involve more DD Audio equipment.

Thanks to John and Amanda for sharing this awesome Neon SRT-4 with us, and to Streamline Audio for hosting us on the DD Kong Tour 2018. For those who are curious, here’s the remaining list of mods to the car:


  • Streamline Audio
  • Falken Tires
  • Mothers Polish
  • Air Lift Performance
  • KSport
  • Street Ambitionz



  • Custom Headliner
  • Custom LED Dash Lights
  • Custom Center Bezel
  • NRG Quick Release Steering Wheel
  • Push Start
  • Rear Seat Delete


  • Seibon Carbon fiber Hood
  • MPX Hood Struts
  • Carbonetics Custom POV Carbon Fiber Trunk
  • Hotchkis Sway Bars
  • Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrapped Roof
  • 18 x 8.5 Avid AV 50
  • Falken Tires Azenis RT615X
  • Custom painted rear diffuser
  • Spyder Dual LED Halo Projector
  • Custom Built headlights
  • Spyder LED tail lights
  • Custom LED Fog lights


  • Mishimoto Radiator
  • AEM Intake
  • AC Delete
  • DC Strut Bars
  • Battery Relocate
  • MPX 3″ Turbo Back Exhaust
  • Torque Solutions Motor Mounts
  • Custom Heat Shield
  • Custom Radiator Cover
  • Custom Battery Replacement Cover
  • Power Coat
  • Transparent Copper/Silver
  • Wheels
  • Valve Cover
  • Radiator Cover
  • Radiator Hose
  • Battery Tray Delete
  • Rear Diffuser Fins
  • Air Tanks
  • Manifold
  • Intake Pipe
  • Strut Bars

Air Ride Setup

  • Air Lift Auto Pilot V2 Management System
  • 2 – ViAir Dual 440 Compressors
  • KSports Air Struts
  • 2 – 5 gallon Seamless Aluminum Tanks

Work Done By

  • Stereo by Streamline Audio
  • Power Coat by JAR Customs LLC
  • Lighting by Street Ambitionz
  • Photo Credit – UrbanArtSkiink

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