Install Highlight: Sei’s Malaysian Matrix – Winning Under Construction

Car audio enthusiasts are a particularly hardy group of individuals. We like to problem solve, and we love to prove others wrong (see: the internet.). We know what we want, and we overcome what we must to get it. This Month’s Install Highlight is a testament to that attitude, albeit still in the making.

Sei Zaiibao provides a shining example of this can do attitude, and it comes through in spades with the build he has painstakingly put together. He originally had the build fully stocked with gear from another manufacturer, but after just seeing what others had done with their DD Audio gear from Youtube videos he decided it was the equipment for him!

Hailing from Malaysia, Sei has been dealing with the difficulty of sourcing equipment. Difficult as it is, however, he has managed to bring in a quartet of B2 super tweeters, and first tried his hand with REDLINE 615s to provide the bump from his walled vehicle. With some patience and some ingenuity he was able to upgrade to the REDLINE 715s, and has his eyes set on reaching his goal of hitting 160 dB one day. While he hasn’t made it there yet, Sei does plan on replacing the remaining mids with our VO offerings, and upgrading to a few M class monoblocks to link on his four 715s to see what they can really do!

This build is splashed with DD Audio almost everywhere you look, and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing the finished results of the tenacious determination and focused patience he has exhibited so far with this spectacular build. Keep up the great work Sei, and the folks at XIVER 68 Car Resources.

Equipment Featured in the Vehicle:
2 – DD VO-B2
4 – DD REDLINE-715

Additional Products to Be Installed:
VO Series Speakers
M Series Monoblock Amps

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Dealer Spotlight: Xtreme Autosound of Tavares, FL

Shop Name: Xtreme Autosound
Shop Location: Tavares, FL
Owner’s Name: Chris Mysinger

DD: How long have you been in business?
Xtreme: 40 years.

DD: How did you get started in car audio?
Xtreme: In 1989, we decided to expand our truck and auto accessory business to fulfill the need for car stereo in our area. Back then we were the first in our area to carry car audio and video, and I’m proud to say we are still standing strong!

DD: What made you decide to do car audio for a living?
Xtreme: For the love of cars and trucks!

DD: Does your shop specialize in anything specific?
Xtreme: Mild to wild! From car audio to marine audio, custom fabricated suspension, truck accessories and wraps. We do it all!

DD: How long have you been a DD Audio dealer?
Xtreme: 4 years.

DD: Where did you first hear about DD Audio, and why did you decide to become a DD Audio Dealer?
Xtreme: 4 years ago the sales rep stopped in. We were impressed with the quality and value of the product and have been happy ever since. It’s been a great partnership!

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Product Spotlight: DD Audio Defies Nature with New 18” Evolution Subwoofer Package

It is with great excitement that DD Audio announces the highly anticipated upcoming release of the 18” ESP, the newest and largest addition to the Evolution Subwoofer Package upgrades.

Evolution is about moving forward. It’s about adapting to and then surviving an environment of conflict and stress. Evolution is not so much a goal as it is a process; one which generally occurs on imperceptible levels, over countless generations, without the guidance of unnatural forces. There are exceptions, however, in which scientists preempt natural influences and break natural order to force evolution where needed. Concerning the future of True to the SourceTM sound, DD Audio’s top engineers have been pushing such an evolution on their already superb designs for sometime in the form of their Evolution Subwoofer Package. For the handmade Power-Tuned, HiDef and all Z subs, the ESP is an upgrade in performance and resilience like none other. Since it’s entry in 2014, ESP has been a game-changer thanks to features like:

  • Carbon Fiber Blend Cone (CFB) – The CFB composition employs a potent carbon fiber based cocktail to give you the highest strength to weight ratio of any pulp cone in the industry.
  • Vario-density Extended Range Of Motion Surround (V-ROM) – Provides the ultimate in linear control at high excursion while still allowing for dynamic sounding bass reproduction. The control ribs are compressed to a lesser density than the main surround body to allow for a continuously variable control system. The harder you drive it the more control you get.
  • Tuned Spider System (TSS) – Each suspension is tuned for specific performance traits, e.g. High Definition, Power Handling, X-Stiff Control.
  • Super Frame (SFrame) – Maximizes spider diameter, cone diameter, suspension excursion, works as a secondary shorting ring and provides additional heat sinking for better heat flow from the coil.

Previously, this performance enhancing package was made available on the 8”, 10”, 12” and 15” frame sizes of DD Audio’s immensely popular 2500, 3500, 9500, 9900 Power Tuned subs and 2008, 3010, 3012 and 3015 HiDef Tuned subs, and of course, the Mini-Z, Z3 and Z4 subs. The new 18” ESP will bring the Evolution Subwoofer Package to the upper size range of DD Audio’s custom built subwoofers. With expected availability in early 2019, this upgrade will apply to the 3518, 9518, 9918, Z318 and Z418 subs.

ESP is the logical next step for performance subwoofers and as it grows in popularity DD’s already proven sub lines will continue adapt and develop. Not some weird, mutant, prototype or monstrous result of bored scientists gone mad with power, the ESP was purposefully designed and built to evolve exceptional subwoofers and improve listening experiences for those looking to Upgrade Their Sound.

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Tech Talk: How to Keep Your Factory Looks and Function with Audio Integration

Halloween may have ended a few weeks ago, but there are plenty of audiophiles out there feeling spooked by campfire stories of upgrades gone wrong. The reality, however, is that integration isn’t that scary when brought to light. It’s true that new cars have a litany of modern features which may complicate an install, but most of these features can be moulded and shaped into an upgrade for your aftermarket stereo, and some can simply be bypassed to create an overall nicer listening experience. This month’s question comes from Allen in Missouri who asks,

“I’ve got a new car and I want to upgrade my speakers and add a subwoofer, but I don’t want to lose my radio. Does DD have anything that can help me add onto my system?”

Back in the day, adding a sub was as simple using a cheap $10 Hi/Lo converter. However, many new cars have factory amplifiers with a channel for each speaker in the vehicle. Things like the factory Bluetooth, Navigation and Voice Control Prompts come through specific speakers in the vehicle and maintaining their functionality is a must for modern drivers who shell out big for these features. Many of these systems are also equalized or EQ’d. All of these features can be retained or changed for the better with Signal Converters like DD Audio’s SC4 and SC6 and/or Digital Signal Integrator and Processors like DD Audio’s DSI-2.

The DSI-2 is the most versatile piece in the DD Audio Integration line-up, allowing you to put four channels or speakers from your factory system into it and pump out a whopping ten channels of signal out to your amplifier(s). The DSI-2 is a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that allows you to tweak and tune just about every aspect of the audio signal coming into it. Let’s say that you have a factory system with a six channel amplifier. It has two channels for tweeters, two channels for the mids in your front doors, and two channels for the rear speakers. In this car, you can tackle the factory audio system two ways. The first way would be to use the DSI-2 alone and combine the tweeter channels and mids channels using the four channels of input.  The downfall here is that you will lose your fading (front to back) ability from the factory radio. If you don’t care about fading, then you’re off to the races. If however, you’d like to maintain that function, you can bring in the SC4 to the party to take over some of the duties of the DSI-2.

The SC4 has the ability to sum signals. Since the tweeter channels in the factory system only play high frequencies and the mid-range speaker channels only play low frequencies, we need to combine them so we can get full range signal out to our new amp and speakers. So, just like in the previous example, we can use the SC4 to combine the tweeter and mid-range channels instead of the DSI-2. Now the SC4 can sum the signals together and create two full-range channels which can be put into two channels of the DSI-2, while the DSI-2’s two remaining channels can connect to the factory rear speakers to maintain our fading capabilities.

DSI-2 sound processing smartphone app

Some factory systems can have massive amounts of factory amplified channels. When using the DSI-2 and the SC6, you can control up to eight channels of inputs, much like many very expensive DSP options from other manufacturers. Many European cars and luxury American and Japanese cars have what are called three way front stages. In these set-ups there is a tweeter, and mid-range, and a mid-bass driver where each driver handles a small part of the audio signal from your radio. This means there are three separate sets of channels that need to be summed together to create a full-range signal for your aftermarket amp and speakers to handle. Since the SC6 has six channels of input, it can handle the whole three way front stage all by itself, allowing the DSI-2 to handle the remaining factory rear speaker channels or subwoofer channel on its own.

The DSI-2 and the SC units are excellent pieces in the install bay and they can be used to solve a variety of challenges. Now, even with as powerful as these devices are, there are still a few factory systems that require some extra steps. It will be important for Allen to discuss his vehicle with his installer to make sure that DD Audio Integration is right for him.

Get One, Gift One with DD Audio’s GOGO SALE
Starting Black Friday!

DD Audio’s GOGO Sale – Starting Black Friday, Ending Cyber Monday!

Oklahoma City, OK, November 9th, 2018 — Wake up to DD Audio’s Black Friday GOGO!

How does a GoGo work?
Starting Black Friday at 12am and running through the end of Cyber Monday (while supplies last) at, when you buy a pair of DXB-04 Headphones, you’ll receive a FREE pair of DXB-1.1 Earbuds! Get One! Gift One! You’re sure to endure a stressful holiday season, so treat yourself to quality personal audio second to none, while also getting the perfect gift for the audiophile in your life.

What makes this such a good deal?
The DXB-04 Over The Ear Wood Headphones are Studio Grade. The black walnut housings make them unique and stylish, but it’s the 75mm vented chambers driven by Neodymium magnets that give listeners an unparalleled listening experience. They feature a mic with remote track/call control, making them ideal cell phone companions. They come with an embroidered DD carry bag and a tangle resistant, detachable cable.

The DXB-1.1 Wood Earbuds also feature black walnut housings, giving them the same timeless style as their headphone counterparts. The high energy 8mm Neodymium driven diaphragms produce a full and rich sound, spanning crisp highs, smooth mids, and thick bass. Like the DXB-04, they feature a tangle resistant cable and DD carry bag. With three sizes of memory foam and silicone ear tips to choose from, you are sure to enjoy a comfortable fit.

Also Included in this Amazing Offer: FREE SHIPPING!*

How can I use the GoGo?
It’s up to you!

Get One for Yourself, Gift One to your niece or nephew who’s just getting into music.
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Or maybe, Get One for Yourself, and Gift One to Yourself. Headphones and Earbuds can go with you to different places, so who could blame you for treating yourself to Double DXBs.

* Free Shipping: Ground Shipping to a Single Location Inside the Continental U.S.

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