VO-B4 Super Tweeter is Now Shipping


Oklahoma City, OK, January 18, 2018 — DD Audio’s VO-B4 is now shipping to authorized dealers. The VO-B4 is the follow up to the very popular VO-B3 super tweeter. When comparing the VO-B3 to the VO-B4, customers will notice increased frequency response, efficiency and max power handling. This was accomplished by using a larger diaphragm and voice coupled to a stronger motor. The VO-B4 is truly a high-output, PA-Style, bullet tweeter designed for the mobile environment. The VO-B4’s custom CNC machined body and die cast motor are designed to be as short as possible to allow for easy mounting in door panels and motorcycle applications. The B4’s horn body is designed to project a wider field of sound in close proximity when compared to similar styled tweeters. Another unique feature of the VO-B4 is it’s dual mounting options. The installer has the option to flush mount with the trim bezel and back nut, or for more space constrained installs it can be top mounted using the machined screw holes in the tweeter body.

B4 Bullet Tweeters

PHOTO: VO-B3 on left, VO-B4 on right.


  • 38.6mm CCA Voice Coil
  • Titanium Diaphragm
  • 37oz Neodymium Motor
  • Custom CNC Aluminum Body
  • Dual Mounting Options
  • Impedance: 4Ω
  • SPL: 108dB
  • Frequency Response: 2kHz-20kHz
  • Power Nom. 50 W (Max 150 W)
  • Mounting Depth: 1 ⅜ in  (motor depth), 2 (total height)
  • Cutout Diameter: 1 15/16 in

For more information contact your local DD Audio Dealer or visit the product page.

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Tech Talk: Open Forum

Tech Talk | WRITTEN BY AARON TRIMBLE | January 2018

The DD Tech Talk has been bringing you tech tidbits since 2015. Topics have included impedance rise, box size, amp parts, new DD Technology and a myriad of other goodies to tantalize the grey matter between your ear holes, but with a new year comes a new idea. We’ve come to the realization that we’ve been writing 3 years worth of articles to answer questions that were never asked. You, the well deserving reader, deserve to have your queries quantified, your postulations pontificated upon and your inquests investigated. So, this is an open invitation to ask the DD Tech Team any car audio related question!

Can’t think of a question? Maybe you’re thinking about upgrading the sound in your car or truck. Is there anything that you’re not entirely sure of or would like to understand better? Here are some more topics to help stimulate your thinking space:

  • Installation Techniques
  • System Design
  • DD Technology
  • Enclosure Design

Once you’ve got your question, use the form below to submit it. Each month the DD Tech Team will read through every question and pick the best one to answer here on the DDownlow. So keep an eye out to see if we answer your question!

Tech Talk Question Submission

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El Paquete Evolución para Subwoofer (ESP) de 12 pulgadas de DD Audio ha llegado

El Paquete Evolución para Subwoofer (ESP) de 12 pulgadas ha llegado y está literalmente listo para retumbar. Presentando las principales innovaciones de DD Audio como una Super Canasta (SFrame), Movimiento de Suspensión de Vario-densidad de Rango Extendido (V-ROM), Cono de tamaño completo con tecnología de Combinación de Fibra de Carbono (CFB) y tecnología de Sistema de Arañas Ajustadas (TSS); El ESP de 12 pulgadas está preparado para entregar más desempeño que cualquier otro subwoofer de 12 pulgadas del mercado.

Paquete Evolución para Subwoofer (ESP)

A primera vista el ESP de 12 pulgadas puede maravillar al espectador con su estilo y características únicas. Cada subwoofer hecho a mano viene de eståndar con un cubre polvo hecho a mano de fibra de carbono que provee una durabilidad y estilo sin precedentes sin sacrificar rendimiento. En combinación con la gran suspensión y el nuevamente actualizado empaque, El ESP de 12 pulgadas te deja saber que es buen trato aún sin haber sonado.

Debajo de esa agresiva y maravillosa cara del subwoofer se encuentra el Sistema de Arañas Ajustadas cortadas con la precisión del láser. Alojados en la comodidad de la parte alta del SFrame, estas arañas tienen más espacio para moverse que las anteriores. Trabajando en conjunto con la suspensión V-ROM para guiar la bonina de alta-temperatura y bajo peso a lo largo de su camino linear, el Sistema de Arañas Ajustadas ayudan a hacer al ESP lo que hace mejor: Definiendo lo que significa excursión linear mientras produce mayor salida que cualquier otro subwoofer.

Paquete Evolución para Subwoofer (ESP)

El ESP de 12 pulgadas estará disponible en los modelos 3012, 3512, 9512, 9912 y Z312 (próximamente). El paquete ESP hizo su debut con el 2508 ESP, el cual pone el estándar para los subwoofers de 8” de alto desempeño en el mundo de audio móvil. El ESP viene estándar en los subwoofers 2008, 2508, 3010, 3510, 9510Mini Z y Z310.

Características ESP:

  • Cono de tamaño completo con tecnología de Combinación de Fibra de Carbono (CFB)  – Permite más área de cono y salida de bajos desde un tamaño de caja dado mientras mantiene el diseño y tamaño de su clase. La composición del CFB emplea fibra de carbono basada en una mezcla que provee una mejor proporción Peso-Resistencia que cualquier otro cono de pulpa de la industria.
  • Movimiento de Suspensión de Vario-densidad de Rango Extendido (V-ROM) – Provee lo último en control linear para alta excursión permitiendo la reproducción dinámica de bajo. Las costillas de control están comprimidas a una menor densidad que el cuerpo principal de la suspensión lo que permite un sistema de control continuamente variable. Entre más duro lo manejes más control obtienes.
  • Sistema de Arañas Ajustadas (TSS) – Cada suspensión está ajustada para cada caso de desempeño específico, ejemplos. Alta Definición, Manejo de Potencia, Control de Excursión.
  • Super Canasta (SFrame) – Maximiza el diámetro de araña, diámetro de cono excursión de suspensión, trabaja como anillo de cortocircuito y provee un disipador de calor adicional para mejorar el enfriamiento de la bobina.

DD se enorgullece de fabricar subwoofers basados en lo que nuestros clientes necesitan en relación con lo que el mercado para las masas ofrece, y los subwoofers ESP son el resultado de esta ideología combinada con más de 31 años de innovación en subwoofers.

Todo lo que aprendimos a lo largo de esta travesía nos ha llevado a la evolución de nuestros subwoofers; a lo que nosotros llamamos Paquete Evolución para Subwoofer.

Cada parte en los subwoofers equipados con ESP son exclusivamente personalizados por DD Audio lo que nos permite evitar varios de los problemas de desempeño del diseño estándar de subwoofers. Esta atención al detalle ha resultado en algunos de los subwoofers más durables y con mejor sonido que hemos creado. Estamos seguros de que nuestros clientes amarán estos nuevos subwoofers, y su elevado desempeño demostrará porque DD ha ganado la reputación de uno de los mejores subwoofers fabricados en el mundo.

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Install Highlight: 1994 Fiat Panda


As many of our loyal fanbase knows, DD Audio has long since been a staple in competition here in the states. That is where we made our name, and still hold our own despite the onslaught of potential competition. Just as that bass bug spread domestically the rest of the world has felt it too, just ask our man, Luuk Tissingh, from Car Audio Shop Mag ‘t wat Harder in the Netherlands!

In his shop, which opened in 2012, he and a customer embarked on a project with their 1994 Fiat Panda, aiming to build a demo monster to show what they could do with our products. To say they hit the mark would be an understatement! By the time they finished it, they had a music machine capable of doing a whopping 159dB all day with the door open, giving anyone within earshot a heavy dose of VO goodness.

Those lucky enough to have experienced this animal in person were blown away, not only by the volume and pressure it is able to generate, but the quality of the sound as well. It’s easy to see why with an equipment list like this:

It is only fitting, since Luuk first became familiar with our product in the dB Drag lanes back in 2005, that this little gem is slated for a rebuild to compete in EMMA competition this season. We look forward to seeing what kind of DD gear you stuff in it this time, and best of luck in your classes! Thanks again to the great folks at Car Audio Shop Mag ‘t wat Harder for sharing this with us, and keep up the great work!

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Dealer of the Month: Green Toad Audio of Conway, Arkansas

Shop Name: Green Toad Audio
Shop Location: Conway, AR
Owner’s Name: Jeremy Smith

DD: How long have you been in business?:
Jeremy: One year.

DD: How did you get started in car audio?
Jeremy: The staff has always been audiophiles, so car audio was a natural addition to our full service automotive repair shop. My service advisor grew up in LA where his dad was a master audio installer, so he was instrumental in setting up our shop.

DD: What made you decide to do car audio for a living?
Jeremy: Our shop Green Toad Tire & Auto has built a name for drivability diagnostics and a commitment to honesty, integrity and perfection. In our city, there was a virtual hole in the car audio market for someone to become a premiere audio retailer/installer. Couple the two together and car audio just made sense.

DD: Does your shop specialize in anything specific?
Jeremy: We are known for high quality installs and only using top of the line equipment.

DD: How long have you been a DD Audio dealer?
Jeremy: Four months.

DD: Where did you first hear about DD Audio, and why did you decide to become a DD Audio Dealer?
Jeremy: When we ultimately made the decision to add car audio to our services, we wanted to sell and install the best. With that decision, becoming the DD Audio retailer was an easy one because DD Audio is synonymous with being the best in performance for competition and daily driving. Being the audiophiles that we are, we have all heard DD Audio at sound competitions, so our love for their sound began years ago.

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