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The SS2a debuts a new discreet, full range, class D circuit making high power, high efficiency and high fidelity the new reality. With an SS chassis coming in at only 11 inches long, the new SS2a delivers an amazing 375 Watts per channel at 4 Ohms, 600 Watts per channel at 2 Ohm Stereo and 1200 Watts into 4 Ohm mono loads. The high efficiency class D design allows higher output levels with reduced battery drain, perfect for driving VO type speaker arrays or sound quality systems desiring high head room.

Bridged / Bridgeable1200W x 1ch
Cont Power at 2 Ohm600W x 2ch @ 14v
Cont Power at 4 Ohm375W x 2ch @ 14v, 1200W x 1ch @ 14v
Damping Factor>100
Dimensions (US)11" x 6.9" x 2.03"
Dimensions (Metric)27.94 x 17.53 x 5.16 cm
Dynamic Power1800W
Efficiency Thru Output87%
Input Sensitivity0.2 - 8V
Shipping Weight9 lbs / 4.08 kg
Wire Gauge (Power and Ground)0 AWG
Wire Gauge (Speaker Output)10 AWG
Model No. Price
SS2a $629 each

* Price is for continental USA only. Does not include taxes or shipping. International prices will be higher due to import taxes, duties, shipping & customs charges.

Available at your local DD dealer