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The 4 channel SS4a may be one of the most versatile amps we've ever offered. With 160 Watts delivered into 4 channels at 4 Ohm and 240 Watts of power at 2 Ohm per channel, the SS4a can be used in high output 4 ch systems, drive 3 ch systems with close to 500 watts to the sub and 240 per channel to the mid/high speakers. In bridged stereo mode, the SS4a delivers close to 500 Watts per channel. The new discreet, full range class D circuit is groundbreaking in its compact use of space and low current draw while delivering crystal clear sound.

This product is an archived / legacy product and is no longer in production

Bridged / Bridgeable480W x 2ch
Cont Power at 2 Ohm240W x 4ch @ 14v
Cont Power at 4 Ohm160W x 4ch @ 14v, 480W x 2ch @ 14v
Damping Factor>100
Dimensions (US)11" x 6.9" x 2.03"
Dimensions (Metric)27.94 x 17.53 x 5.16 cm
Dynamic Power1500W
Efficiency Thru Output87%
Input Sensitivity0.2V - 8V
Shipping Weight9 lbs / 4.08 kg
Wire Gauge (Power and Ground)4 AWG
Wire Gauge (Speaker Output)10 AWG