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The new SS5 amplifer is the perfect one amp solution to a clean and powerful high performance car audio system. Our customers wanted a single amp capable of driving  a real DD system that was small enough for a hidden install application.  

Our new SS5 builds on the discrete, full range, class D technology we debuted in the SS 2-channel and 4-channel amps.    This 5-channel amp delivers 125W x 4 at 4 Ohms, (200 x 4 at 2 Ohms) + 850 at 1 Ohm, and can deliver over 2000 watts of dynamic power on demand from a chassis 450mm(17.7") long and 180mm(7.1") wide.

Channels 1/2 have 20Hz-5kHz high pass filter, channels 3/4 have 20Hz-5kHz switchable high and low pass filter, and the sub channel has subsonic and low pass filter.  The remote gain carries our DD clip light indicator.

The SS5 is THE one amp solution for awesome audio: high-end sound quality, low battery drain, 2000W of mind blowing power and all in an impossibly small SS chassis that fits in the palm of a rather large hand.

Bridged / BridgeableYES
Cont Power at 1 Ohmsub channel only, 850W x 1ch
Cont Power at 2 Ohm200W x 4ch + 600W x 1ch
Cont Power at 4 Ohm125W x 4ch + 300W x 1ch
Damping Factor>100
Dimensions (US)17.75" x 6.9" x 2.03"
Dimensions (Metric)45.09 x 17.53 x 5.16 cm
Dynamic Power2000W
Efficiency Thru Output87%
Input Sensitivity8V - 0.2V
Shipping Weight14lbs / 6.35 kg
Model No. Price
SS5 $999 each

* Price is for continental USA only. Does not include taxes or shipping. International prices will be higher due to import taxes, duties, shipping & customs charges.

Available at your local DD dealer