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CXS 6x9


The DD Audio CXS components are high tech, high fidelity speakers designed to fit the tight confines of complex door panels.  It is no longer neccessary to sacrifice sound quality in a shallow cavity OEM application.

 Our focus on sound quality starts with precision motor assemblies.  The machined magnet gaps driven with high energy strontium magnets provide strong output from a compact design. We incorporate distortion reducing shorting rings for flux modulation and inductance control.  

 The midwoofer cones are rigid pulp with acoustic treatment applied to the front,  reducing cone break up while providing water/humidity resistance.  The compressed rubber surrounds are optimized for light weight to increase sensitivity.  

The tweeter is the same ultralight 25mm fabric dome from the CS component set, crossed over with polypropylene film capacitor.

The CXS-6x9 is designed with the same exotic features as esoteric separates in a slim package that fits just about any OEM vehicle and at a price that fits any entusiast's budget.  Why settle for OEM sound when a DD upgrade is so easy.

Woofer Diameter6" x 9"
Frequency Response40Hz-25kHz
Power Handling (RMS/Peak)50/150
Sensitivity91 dB
Shipping Weight8 lbs / 3.63 kg
Tweeter Coil Diameter.98" / 2.5 cm - silk dome
Model No. Price
CXS 6x9 $189 pair

* Price is for continental USA only. Does not include taxes or shipping. International prices will be higher due to import taxes, duties, shipping & customs charges.

Available at your local DD dealer