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Voice Optimized

VO Series Family - DD Designs

SuperCharged Motor Structures
Our Z motor research has developed techniques to take otherwise lost magnetic energy and redirect in the areas that increase the strength of the motor. The SuperCharged option focuses 20-25% more energy into the magnet gap, allowing smaller and lighter motors to equal the drive

Faraday Shorting Rings
When the voice coil of a speaker moves within the speaker motor, it will generate a "back EMF" - a voltage opposite of that which is driving it. So, at the same time an amplifier is trying to drive the speaker, the coil in the speaker is simultaneously trying to drive a counter-signal back into the amplifier. The EMF also distorts the flux in the magnetic gap. Faraday Rings are shorted coils which react to the back EMF generated in the VC as it moves, in order to stabilize the magnetic field, flux in the gap as the VC moves. Faraday rings lower distortion, lower rising inductance and extend frequency response.

Free Flow Cooling System
The VO Series use DD's exclusive Free Flow Cooling System which pumps cooling air around the through the voice coil. Machined air passages in the top plates, pole pieces and back plates direct air pressurized by the dustcaps and spiders directly to the voice coil. The harder the speakers plays, the more air is pumped though the motor.

MC-8 White and BlackMC-8 VO-B3 3qtr Right ViewVO-B3 VO-B1 - 3qtr rightVO-B1 VO-B2 - 3qtr rightVO-B2
VO-M6.5 - 3qtr rightVO-M6.5 VO-M 6x9 Front ViewVO-M6x9 VO-M8 - 3qtr rightVO-M8 VO-CCX8 Front ViewVO-CCX8