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9500 Series


The sub that was voted “One of the Top 10 Most Badass Woofers of all Time” just got even MORE BADASS. DD Audio's years of continued loudspeaker research has led to the latest evolution of the 9500 Series design; the 9500j.


The origin of the 9500 goes back to the long throw studio subwoofers, and near field studio monitors we built in the 1980’s. The motor is based on our studio subwoofer design, which featured extremely long magnet gaps to give high control of the coil motion as well as high heat dissipation. The multi-spider suspension design was taken from our critically acclaimed close-field studio monitors, which could play years without suspension fatigue.


The 9500j Series features 15mm of increased motor height, 96oz of additional ferrite, and an eight layer flatwound aluminum voice coil. The voice coil design is based on our proven Z3 coils, and will be available in your choice of a dual 0.5 Ohm or dual 1.0 Ohm configuration. The j Series also employs tried and true DD innovations such as EROM surrounds, laminated tinsel leads, composite spiders, Free Flow motor cooling, Direct Connect speaker leads, and X-11 synthetic fiber and pulp cone bodies.  All these features combine to allow the 9500j Series to be pushed to even higher performance standards than it’s predecessors.

Over the years the legend of the 9500 has spread mainly through word of mouth advertising, proving it stands up to today's real world demands for a true high performance subwoofer. This is why people around the world from competitors to daily street beaters know there is only one DD9500.

Magnet Weight456oz
Nominal ImpedanceD0.5, D1.0
Power Handling (RMS/Peak)1000w-2000w RMS 8000w Peak
Suspension Travel85mm
Voice Coil Diameter3.35"
Xmax47mm @50%BL
9510j 9512j 9515j 9518j
Fs 9510j37 Hz 9512j36 Hz 9515j36 Hz 9518j36 Hz
Impedance 9510j 9512j 9515j 9518j
Nominal Impedance 9510j 9512j 9515j 9518j
QTS 9510j.4595 9512j.4352 9515j.4951 9518j.609
Qes 9510j.4933 9512j.4634 9515j.5301 9518j.6595
Qms 9510j6.709 9512j7.144 9515j7.488 9518j7.952
Rec Box 9510j 9512j 9515j 9518j
Shipping Weight 9510j67lbs 9512j68lbs 9515j76 lbs 9518j77lbs
VAS 9510j.3735 CuFt 9512j.8813 CuFt 9515j2.185 CuFt 9518j3.738 CuFt
Voice Coil Diameter 9510j3.35" 9512j3.35" 9515j3.35" 9518j3.35"
Woofer Diameter 9510j10" / 25.4 cm 9512j12" / 30.48 cm 9515j15" / 38.1 cm 9518j18" / 45.72 cm
A - Outside Diameter 9510j10.63" 9512j12.625" 9515j15.375" 9518j18.25"
B - Cutout Diameter 9510j9.375" 9512j11.25" 9515j13.75" 9518j16.75"
C - Mounting Depth 9510j8.16 9512j8.66" 9515j9.16" 9518j10.66"
D - Motor Diameter 9510j9.31" 9512j9.31" 9515j9.31" 9518j9.31"
E - Motor Depth 9510j4.66" 9512j4.66" 9515j4.66" 9518j4.66"
F - Outside Height 9510j 9512j 9515j 9518j
Dimensions - Metric 9510j 9512j 9515j 9518j
Dimensions - US 9510j 9512j 9515j 9518j
Gross Box Volume (per speaker) 9510j 9512j 9515j 9518j
Net Box Volume (per speaker) 9510j 9512j 9515j 9518j
Power Handling (RMS/Peak) 9510j 9512j 9515j 9518j
Type 9510j 9512j 9515j 9518j
Vent Dimensions 9510j 9512j 9515j 9518j
9510j 9512j 9515j 9518j
Price* 9510j$939 9512j$979 9515j$1,029 9518j$1,089

* Price is for continental USA only. Does not include taxes or shipping. International prices will be higher due to import taxes, duties, shipping & customs charges.

Available at your local DD dealer

Made in the U.S.A