9500i Series

If you’re ready to get serious we’ve got the sub for you. Voted one of the Top 10 Most Baddass Subs of All Time, the 9500 has shown phenomenal performance in competition and daily ground pounding. The legend of the 9500 has spread mainly through word of mouth advertising, proving it stands up to today’s real world demands of a true high performance woofer. There can be only one – the DD9500.

The origin of the 9500 subs go back to long throw subwoofer drivers we built in the 1980s for dedicated studio subwoofer systems. We engineered a design that featured extremely long magnet gaps to give both high control of coil motion as well as high heat dissipation. Our research in to state of the art performance ushered innovations that changed the car audio market forever; EROM surrounds, laminated tinsel leads, Free Flow motor cooling, Direct Connect wiring, our SFB cone formulas( now with X-11 synthetic fibre), and the introduction of our ultra-rigid composite sandwich cone bodies. The multi-spider suspension design was taken from our critically acclaimed close-field studio monitors which could play years without suspension fatigue.

The 9500 ‘h’ Series introduces a new suspension, our exclusive Composite Spider System. DD Audio’s years of continued loudspeaker research has led to the introduction of a new suspension system on our Made in America subwoofers, a new damping system that is more linear, exhibits less hysteresis, sounds better and suffers from less breakdown than traditional cloth/resin dampers or spiders. The proprietary DD Audio composite spiders enable our speakers to be pushed to even higher performance standards.

The 9500h Series can be optioned out with composite cones, composite dustcaps, supercharging, shorting rings, Xstiff suspension and a multitude of logo options.

We are very proud of recent accolades of time proven performance and reliability standards that DD woofers represent. These standards are a result from over 20 years of continuous strive for perfection, for balance and for creating the highest performing audio drivers possible. The 9500hs are the embodiment of this quest, and we still build every one of them by hand.


Model 9512i 9510h 9515i 9518i
VCD 3" / 7.62 cm 3" / 7.62 cm 3" / 7.62 cm 3" / 7.62 cm
Fs - Hz 30 Hz 31 Hz 32 Hz 30 Hz
Qms 4.01 3.6 4.45 4.26
Qes 0.32 0.23 0.32 0.36
Qts 0.30 0.22 0.30 0.33
Vas - liters 31.5 l 18.5 l 77 l 150 l
Shipping Weight - lbs 62 lbs / 28.12 kg 61 lbs / 27.66 kg 70 lbs / 31.75 kg 70 lbs / 31.75kg