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Z Series


The Z series is the result of our ongoing study in the field of world sub woofer domination. The Z project represents the culmination of DD's ultimate engineering goal which is to push the limits of delivered energy by utilizing high performance composite technologies. The Z series takes it's place as the flagship of the DD sub line by having the highest motor strength, greatest voice coil cooling capability, most overbuilt design features, and last but not least True To The Source sound reproduction. AmaZing!

The Z series represent the pinnacle of transducer archeology. The unique design dates back to the precocious era of unequivocal magnetism and the vector planar research of underwater acoustic proliferation. The open archeology concentrates flux lines in the magnetic gap while side lobbing interference cancels stray flux from entering the atmosphere. The result is increased efficiency over the entire bandwidth of collaborating bass frequencies. This allows the Z Series woofers to play amazingly loud with little wasted energy being dissipated as unwarranted heat, this means they get on it and don't get real hot.

The Z Series breaks new ground in rare earth magnetics, using newly discovered material, neo-demetrious iron proton (Ned), incalculably more strenuous than the other discovered rare earth magnet material. Ned is highly unstable and very difficult to modulate, yet alone saturate, so its use is mainly limited to noncommercial phase generators used in anti-matter plasma generation. Digital Designs has acquired the rights to use Ned magnetics in non-military acoustic weaponry and the peaceful development of humanistic cohesion through harmonizing wave generation. The unstable Ned blocks are held in symmetry by the side lobe interference which allows the use of the catchy monolithic block shapes from that cool 2001 space movie. These are spatially arrayed to over saturate the Permendur top plate imported from Switzerland, from one of those really beautiful, lake filled mountain valleys, giving huge magnetic energy to drive the voice coils.

The moving parts of the Z Series have undergone a minute amount of scrutiny also, the cones feature newly contrived composite materials to handle the extra load lines emulating from the motor, the voice coils are spiral wound in reversing layer directions for optimum efficiency and the voice coil former is really strong. The combined technological oeuvre nearly eliminates all chance of spurious effluvium from occuring. The spiders also feature new technology never found on arachnid based suspensions, silkaleneotton. Genetically altered spiders produce a chemical blended thread of silk, polyethylene and cotton. This synthetic blend is superior to our other synthetic blend. The new synthetic blend is stronger than standard arachnid fiber, more flexible than polyunsaturated polyethylene, lighter than water (it actually floats) and yet so soft and comfortable. This material can stretch to 1.7 times its weight, allowing for un-presidential travel.

The new Z Series woofers have more Watts than any speakers we have ever built, so many Watts they got, that we thought of using a new slogan, Got Watts?, but that's lame so we didn't. We tried to measure the exact amount of Watts a Z Series put out, but all we got was dBs.

Abtec Online did a review on our DD-Z18-D1.5. Click here to read it (opens in another window)...

Magnet Weight7 kilo-tones
2 Way Suspension Travelcheck
Nominal Impedancevarious
Power Handling (RMS/Peak)if you need to ask...
Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Color Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Wire Type Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Gauge Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Strand Count Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Spool Length Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Continuous Power Range Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Burst Power Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Impedance Options Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Suspension Type Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Frequency Response Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Woofer Diameter Z31010" / 25.4 cm Z31212" / 30.48 cm Z31515" / 38.1 cm Z31818" / 45.72 cm Z32121" / 53.34 cm
Coil Diameter Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Magnet Weight Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Efficiency Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Frequency Response Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
SPL Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
*SPL Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Fs Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Qts Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Qes Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Qms Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Vas Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
**Xmax Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
2-Way Suspension Travel Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Displacement Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Frame OD w/ gasket Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
A - Frame OD w/o gasket Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
B - Cutout Diameter Z3109.375 Z31211.25 Z31513.75 Z31816.75 Z32119.25
C - Mounting Depth Z3109.5 Z31210.0 Z31510.5 Z31812.0 Z32112.75
D - Motor Diameter Z3109.0 Z3129.0 Z3159.0 Z3189.0 Z3219.0
E - Motor Height Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
F - Surround Height Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Shipping Weight Z31060 lbs / 27.22 kg Z31262 lbs / 28.12 kg Z31565 lbs / 29.48 kg Z31868 lbs / 30.84 kg Z32168 lbs / 30.84 kg
Impedance Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Nominal Impedance Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Rec Box Z3102 cubic ft Z3123 cubic ft Z3154.75 cubic ft Z3186.5 cubic ft Z3218 cubic ft.
Voice Coil Diameter Z3103" / 7.62 cm Z3123" / 7.62 cm Z3153" / 7.62 cm Z3183" / 7.62 cm Z3213" / 7.62 cm
F - Outside Height Z3101.06 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Dimensions - Metric Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Dimensions - US Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Gross Box Volume (per speaker) Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Net Box Volume (per speaker) Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Power Handling (RMS/Peak) Z310? Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Type Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Vent Dimensions Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Z310 Z312 Z315 Z318 Z321
Price* Z310Please Inquire Z312Please Inquire Z315Please Inquire Z318Please Inquire Z321Please Inquire

* Price is for continental USA only. Does not include taxes or shipping. International prices will be higher due to import taxes, duties, shipping & customs charges.

Available at your local DD dealer

Made in the U.S.A

Z Series Features

The DD multi-spider suspensions start with layers of fine weave cloth impregnated with thermal activated resin.  These fine cloth sheets are then placed together with the weave grain at opposite angles, equalizing the inherent tension and increasing the strength. The layers are formed by heat and pressure until cured in molds with very high peaks and valleys. The two layers of fine cloth are far stronger than a single layer of heavier cloth, the higher surface area of the fine weave cloth gives more contact area for the resin.The high peaks and valleys, or corrugations, dramatically increase the strength over wide, shallow, progressive type rolls.

Two layers of laminated cloth are also more resistant to bending than a single layer. The layers are forced to bend along different section of their respective weaves, making the combined structure stronger and more resistant to fatigue.

We then take these laminated layers and combine them for a given compliance target, most DD speakers will have 4 - 6 layers of cloth in the suspension.

These multiple layers of cloth formed in deep corrugations keep their inherent strength once the resin breaks down. The DD suspension retains restoring force to the cone after years and years of use. It does cost more to build mult-layered suspensions, but the benefits are many and long lasting.

We developed the most electrically efficient connections, the Direct Connect, one of the latest DD innovations now being copied the world over. First off, our multiple tinsel leads are twisted and soldered to copper power wire at the edge of the speaker frame. This twisted and soldered connection reduces any signal lost to an absolute minimum.

Our 10 gauge power cable is made from Oxygen-Free copper. Copper provides perfect contact in contrast to speaker terminals or push-down spring connections which are made from low grade metal. Many of these "pretty" (but poorly made) terminals have 0.1-0.2 Ohms of resistance in just the terminal housing. If you don't believe us, unscrew one and watch it stick to the speaker magnet.

Another flaw of common speaker terminals is the inability to match up with large gauge speaker wire…And if one is able to find a terminal large enough to accept large gauge wire, it is still made from cheap metal thus the signal loss problem. Our 10 gauge power wire Direct Connects can be twisted (the best mechanical connection possible) with any gauge wire, AND also be connected with ANY number of wires. Series and parallel connections can be done in any combination and WITHOUT signal loss.

DD suggests the use of wire nuts for direct wire to wire terminations. Twisted wire connections are the only code approved termination in building codes due to the no loss transfer ability and permanently held connection. These same wire nut terminals are the perfect connection for mobile audio connections.

Direct Connect allows virtually any gauge and number of speaker wires to be connected without signal loss.

The surround uses our EROM( Extended Range Of Motion) profile, copied en masse to become an industry wide standard. The EROM design gives long, controlled excursion while keeping the cone diameter as large as possible. This profile also saves mass over the sculpted rubber surrounds and inner tube style surrounds, less mass is louder and faster.

The EROM profile, nearly parallel walls with a half-round top, is more self-supporting than the wide half-roll type surrounds. This enables the surround to become part of the suspension compliance, helping to control the high forces of the accelerating moving mass and enabling the coil to better track incoming signal.

The DD EROM profile innovation allows for more cone area, lower mass and increased stiffness. It's no wonder than the DD EROM has become the most copied surround in the world.

This motor system also utilizes the DD exclusive FREE FLOW COOLING SYSTEM; separate cooling vents machined into the voice coil, top plate and pole piece which focus cooling air into the magnetic gap. This high-tech, precision machined cooling system actually lowers the working temperature of the voice coil, thereby lowering the stress on the entire audio system. The more the speaker moves, the more air is pumped onto the coil wire. 

The dustcap and spiders of a speaker create changes in air pressure as the cone system moves up and down in accordance with the input signal, and the amount of movement is proportional to the amount of input signal. 

The dustcap is used to push cooling air down through the pole piece.  The pole piece has cross ventilation passages machined from the center vent to the outside of the pole piece, with rows vent holes at the top and bottom of the pole.   Cooling air is pumped directly onto the aluminum former as well as drawing heated air out of the magnet cavity. 

The spiders are used as forced air pumps o channel air through vents machined into the top plate inner diameter.  These vents move cooling air directly to the voice coil wire.  Additional vents are machined from the top plate inner dimension to the outside of the top plate and work in conjunction with vents tooled into the speaker baskets.

The voice coils are also part of the Free Flow Cooling System with rows of cooling vents located above the coil windings, below the coil windings and at the top of the former in the dustcap cavity.  Cooling air is pumped through these rows of holes to move heat away from the wire; as close as possible to the source of heat.

Another DD innovation was eliminating lead wire noise, breakage and suspension offset distortions with the introduction of our Laminated Lead Wire System. We pioneered this development as increased speaker excursion exceeded the limits that stretched tinsel jumping across the frame to cone gap could accommodate. The longer lead lengths cause excessive slapping against the cone as well as setting up oscillation modes that fatigued the wire.

The Laminated Lead Wire System placed the tinsel leads between layers of the spiders, eliminating hanging wires to clang around between the spider and cone. The spiders and lead wires become an integral unit with the corrugations of the spiders engineered for the excursion demand of the speaker.

Traditional hanging lead wires place weight and tension on one side of the cone, causing harmonic distortion. The DD system places the wires across the entire spider thereby balancing the weight and tension on each side of the speaker.

The DD system also allows for efficient handling of high current demand applications. Some DD woofers use 8 lead wires for every voice coil conductor, allowing even the most high power amplifiers to transfer power with minimal signal loss.

The cone is our multi-fiber synthetic blend, the type of construction used in the highest power handling concert drivers, not punched out from bleach bottle plastic. These special cones are designed for the highest strength with the lowest weight, again, lighter is louder and faster.

We start with ultra-light weight synthetic fibers which are cut to varying lengths. These fibers are combined and mixed with high binding strength natural fibers and aerospace grade resins. High tensile binding increases the bond strength at the points where the fibers become interlocked.

The fibers are shot at the cone molds in angles which re-enforce the cone body perpendicular to the direction of the voice coil forces. This increases the resistance to bending modes at high power levels.

These high-tech fibers have incredible strength and are further enhanced by using techniques to increase the cone cross section area without adding additional mass. The resin used creates a hard outer skin on the cone surfaces, creating a sandwich construction format. One skin cannot bend without the other skin doing the same, the further these skins are moved apart, the higher the resistance to mutual bending becomes. The ratio of increased strength is exponential, twice the thickness results in 4 times more rigidity. The newest DD synthetic blend cones are state of the art in cone technology and an integral reason why our speakers can supply high SPL and low distortion.