So you want to get loud, but you don’t have room for a surfboard size amp to push your pancadao style system? Then the DMF amps are here to save the day.

These Class D Monoblock Full Range designs are made for the sole purpose of high volume audio reinforcement. They feature a band pass crossover network that will allow them to play up to 16,000 Hz where most similarly styled amps have a 5,000 Hz limit. They also feature high-level inputs and auto-start turn on for easy integration with an OE headunit.  Lastly, the built-in clipping limiter and remote gain control with clipping monitor will help to keep you equipment safe if the party starts to get out of hand.

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Test Voltage 14.4
Channels 1
Cont Wattage @ 4ohm 1500 x 1
Cont Wattage @ 2ohm 2800 x 1
Max Current Draw - Amperage 230
S/N Ratio >72dB
THD 4.2% @ 80% power
Input Voltage Sensitivity 610mV-2.5V
Remote Subwoofer Control Yes
Speaker Wire Gauge Out 10
Dimensions: in 12.63 x 7.87 x 2.25
Dimensions: mm 321 x 200 x 57