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DD-CXS-6.5/5.25 Wiring Instructions

The DD-CXS-6.5/5.25 Coax speaker set is designed to give the installer multiple wiring options to better suit their specific applications.

When you take your speakers out of the box you will notice the positive tweeter lead wire is intentionally left unconnected from the positive terminal on the woofer. This enables the installer to choose between Coax and Bi-Amp wiring options. Coax wiring will allow you to run both the woofer and tweeter off one speaker lead connected to the woofers speaker terminal. Bi-Amp wiring will allow you to run separate leads from a multi channel amplifier to the woofer and tweeter.

Standard Coax Wiring Coax Wiring:
For coax wiring we’ve provided an in-line capacitor wiring kit. This kit includes 2 metalized polypropylene crossover capacitors, and 6 crimp style connectors. The crimp connectors are for wiring the positive tweeter lead to the capacitor and the capacitor to the positive terminal of the woofer.
Bi-Amp Coax Wiring Bi-Amp Wiring
Disconnect the negative tweeter wire from the woofer’s negative terminal. This will allow you to connect the tweeter and woofer to separate speaker leads. You will need to use separate crossovers for the woofer and tweeter in this application.

When wring in Bi-Amp configuration we recommended using a high-pass filter set between 80-160 Hz for the woofer, and a high-pass filter set between 3.5k-5k for the tweeter. The correct crossover configurations for your install will depend on your crossover slopes and output demands.  

For High output applications we suggest using higher order crossovers (12dB/18dB/24dB per octave), and higher cutoff frequencies for both the woofer and tweeter. Whenever possible we use electronic vs. passive crossovers.