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The SuperCharge option

Q : What is the SuperCharge option? What will it do for me? Does my box have to be different from a normal DD woofer?

The specs don't change much for box building, the energy of the motor system is increased.  In many box modeling programs, the model will show decreased bass due to more control on the voice coil movements.  This is an outdated transducer/box model that originated when power amplifers were much smaller and most listening was done a 1-5 watts of power.

In this type of model, the box compliance plays a major role in the total system Q, and too much damping on the coil puts the brakes on low frequency.

In todays systems, the amplifier power dominates the whole system, the resulting high forces generated are more and more difficult to control.  Our real world testing proved that overdamped systems, where the suspension and motor have tighter control,  allow the cone to move with the original source signal.  Traditional systems that look good on the modeling programs always lose control at real world power levels and cannot track the original source signal.

DD speakers will play tight and controlled throughout the power bandwidth.  The supercharged versions add even more magnetic energy and you will hear tighter, even cleaner bass.

SPL cars that respond to higher energy levels will see gains in the peak spl possible.

  1. SuperCharged Motor Structures
    Our Z motor research has developed techniques to take otherwise lost magnetic energy and redirect in the areas that increase the strength of the motor.

    The SuperCharged option focuses 20-25% more energy into the magnet gap, allowing smaller and lighter motors to equal the drive energy of larger motors. Higher energy pays dividends in the  impact delivered by the SuperCharged motors, impacts are sharper, details more crisp and transients more dynamic.
  2. Faraday Shorting Rings
    When the voice coil of a speaker moves within the speaker motor, it will generate a "back EMF" - a voltage opposite of that which is driving it. So, at the same time an amplifier is trying to drive the speaker, the coil in the speaker is simultaneously trying to drive a counter-signal back into the amplifier. The EMF also distorts the flux in the magnetic gap. DD uses Faraday Shorting Rings machined from billet aluminum in the Supercharged option to reduce these distortion effects.