Reasons Why A Sound Upgrade Is The Perfect Gift Idea For Mom!

  How many of us scramble last minute to find the perfect gift for mom year after year? Well, look no more! Whether she has a fancy new car with questionable “premium sound” or an oldie but a goodie, a sound upgrade is just what she deserves! Here are the top 5 reasons why a sound upgrade is the perfect gift for mom: 1. Because the current stock system can’t drown out her “awesome” carpool...

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10 Reasons my Significant Other Hates my Car Audio Obsession

How awesome would it be if your significant other shared the same car audio obsession as you? There are a few lucky people out there with the perfect car audio soul mate. Meanwhile, the rest of us are constantly faced with having to choose between our system or our significant other. Here are the top 10 reason why your significant other hates your car audio obsession. 1. You bang your system harder...

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