Good Vibrations – Bozeman

Good Vibrations – Bozeman


2622 West Main Street, Bozeman, MT, USA



Mon-Fri: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 2pm
Closed Sunday

Good Vibrations of Bozeman is your solution for Stereo, Security, and Tinting in the Valley. It doesn’t matter whether you’re bringing us your car, truck, boat or motorcycle in for an upgrade, you can drop it off with the assurance that we’ll treat it like its our own. Our techs work in a clean, professional environment to insure that we can create a solution for any Automotive, Marine, or Toy trouble you might have. Good Vibrations of Bozeman proudly carries DD Audio because we know that in order to be the best shop in town, not only do we have to provide the best service, but we also have to sell the best products, and with DD Audio, we can deliver! So, if stock just isn’t good enough, come down and see Mike or Bobby for a free consultation so we can show you just how great your ride could be with Good Vibes on your side!

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