Two Channels of High Fidelity Fun

The C3d 2-channel full range Class AB amplifier is designed to provide the highest fidelity from the most minimal footprint.

It features a compact 6.9” x 13.1” x 2.03″ chassis and is rated at 250 watts x 2 at 2 Ohm. It has plenty of power to drive multiple components in a stereo configuration.  You can also bridge this amp to 4 Ohm mono and get a clean 500 watts x 1 for use with a subwoofer.

For durability, we used a heavy trace double sided PCB, set-screw speaker/power terminals, and panel mount RCAs.

The C3d also features fully adjustable HP/LP/BP crossover networks, and the ability to work with an optional remote gain control.


Test Voltage 14.4
Channels 1 / 2
Cont Wattage @ 4ohm 150x2 / 500x1
Cont Wattage @ 2ohm 250x2
Cont Wattage @ 1ohm N/A
Max Current Draw - Amperage 60
S/N Ratio >100dB
THD <0.2%
Input Voltage Sensitivity 8 - 0.25
Pass-Through Output Yes
Remote Subwoofer Control Yes
Power Wire Guage In 4
Speaker Wire Gauge Out 10
Dimensions: in 13.1 x 6.9 x 2.03
Dimensions: mm 333 x 175 x 52.5
Shipping Weight - lbs 9
Price (USD) 359

Any DD Audio Product bearing the Marine Grade logo incorporates water resistant features enabling it to be used in applications where moderate exposure to moisture will not result in damage to the product. 

Marine Grade products are not waterproof, and submersion or excessive moisture exposure may result in product failure. DD Audio Marine Grade products are not certified for saltwater environments.

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