Load Up on Bass with DD Audio’s Newest Loaded Enclosures!


Oklahoma City, OK, October 18, 2018 — DD Audio is proud to announce the immediate release of the newly updated LE-S and LE-M lines of loaded enclosures. With a better look and sound than ever before, these loaded enclosures are a perfect addition to any aftermarket or OEM sound system.

Everyday, drivers are finding their dream cars complete with their ideal interior and features. They’re happy with everything… right up until the moment they begin listening to their driving playlist. That’s when the happiness fades into frustration as their sound system struggles to deliver the rich, smooth bass tones that should be rhythmically guiding them down the road. They’re not asking for a lot. They don’t need a fully customized system that takes up their whole trunk. They just need to fill the depressing void left by a subless audio system.

DD Audio’s loaded enclosures are the perfect solution for filling the bass void without filling the entire trunk. They’re built using MDF with fully sealed seams and feature tuned ports designed to maximize output, while minimizing air turbulence at higher volumes. These optimally sized enclosures are loaded with a specially designed high-efficiency subwoofer, boasting a powerful double stack motor. They are compatible with both 1Ω and 4Ω amplifiers and handle 250 watts RMS to 500 watts peak.

The LE-S and LE-M series loaded enclosures make installation a breeze with plug and play ease, and for those times when additional cargo area is an absolute must, they’re easy to remove and replace with the banana plug terminals. They also feature metal bar grills to protect the sub form the everyday perils of a trunk.

Drivers deserve to hear the full range of sound and DD Audio’s loaded enclosures are one of the best solutions out there for easily adding the low frequency tones that your system lacks. For suggestions on how you can Upgrade Your SoundTM today visit DD Audio’s OEM Upgrade Guide at ddaudio.com/oem.

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Tech Talk: Why Breaking in Your Woofer is Important

Tech Talk | WRITTEN BY AARON TRIMBLE | October 2018

If you’re a frequenter of any online car audio forum or social media group, you’ve invariably run across folks talking about “Breaking In” their woofers. Breaking in a woofer is the process of playing a speaker in order to stretch or loosen the suspension on the driver and make it more compliant. This month’s Tech Talk Question comes from Derek in Pennsylvania who asks,

“I just bought my 9500’s and I don’t want to blow them up. How do I break these in properly?”

DD Audio subwoofers tend to be low compliance drivers. This means that our suspension tends to be pretty tight. Why would we do this, you might ask? It’s simple really, DD Audio customers demand the most from their woofers. Many people see something like a 9500 series woofer that is built to handle 2000 watts of continuous program power and think, “Gee maybe I should run that 3800 watt M3c amplifier on it.” Is it too much power? Potentially, but it certainly doesn’t stop people. To combat this DD makes the suspension strong enough to mechanically handle that kind of power.

As the woofer is played, the resins in the spider pack begin to break apart and soften. The woven poly-cotton fibers that compose the spiders begin to stretch out, and the surround has a chance to become more pliant. That’s why you hear us say, “Give it time – you’ll hear the woofer play louder and lower as it breaks in.” As the woofer breaks in, not only are the suspension parts softening up a bit, but that softening is also causing a shift in the electro-mechanical parameters of the woofer. Those that are familiar with T/S parameters may see shifts in the free-air resonance (FS) of the driver as much as 15-20%.

So how does this break in of the suspension make the woofer less susceptible to failing? Two major things happen as the woofer breaks in. The first and most important thing to happen is that the newly loosened suspension allows the woofer to move more. Greater excursion allows the woofer to more effectively cool itself. When the woofer moves, air passes over the voice coil, which allows it to cool itself (see animation above). So, more excursion is better for cooling. Granted, it is a delicate balance. Remember, we don’t want too much movement. That’s why we have to use this big beefy suspension to begin with.

The second thing that improves as a result of breaking in a woofer is the impedance curve of the woofer. Going back to FS, or the free-air resonance of the driver, the FS of the driver is the frequency at which it has the highest volume output with the lowest power input. Generally this means it is the point of greatest efficiency for the driver when not under the influence of an enclosure. As the woofer breaks in, this efficiency shifts to a lower frequency, meaning that it takes less power to create the same output at a lower frequency.

Now, what actually happens in practice? When a woofer has a given power handling that is the thermal point at which the woofer can effectively dissipate the heat being put into it. When that power handling is exceeded, it runs into thermal creep. The woofer will get hotter and hotter until its adhesives can no longer hold itself together. Often times the woofer will heat up fast enough as to liquify the resins that hold the coil onto the voice coil former and you can get a slinky. If the woofer is properly broken in, the woofer will cool itself better and the coil is more likely to hold together since there’s a more gradual temperature increase. Regardless, broken in or not, a user can still destroy their woofer. However, a broken in woofer will take more abuse and will be more capable of defending itself against someone who decides to “send it.”

DD Kong Woofers that aren't broken in

The pictures above are directly from the DD Kong. In the 2018 Show Season, the Kong shelled 2 woofers. The first woofer lasted until the last show on the Kong tour. The woofer had been played so long that the tinsel lead finally started to tear while playing sub 20Hz frequencies. The coil, while charred and burnt looking is still fully functional. When the woofer was rebuilt, it was not given any break in time to normalize with the 5 other well broken in woofers. When the system was played to its full potential, the new woofer’s movement was inhibited significantly when compared to its counterparts. This inhibited movement created a rapid heating of the coil which caused the resultant “slinkied” coil.

So what’s the moral of the story? Break in your woofers!

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DD Audio International Team Returns Victorious from dB Drag’s Euro Championship!


Oklahoma City, OK, October 12, 2018 — DD Audio’s continuing growth was on vibrant display at the 2018 dB Drag Racing Association European Championship Finals in Montichiary, Italy and with so many competitors using DD Audio products, Company Owner Jassa Langford and International Sales Manager Charn Langford saw an opportunity that couldn’t be denied.

As Charn Langford put it, the decision for DD Audio was two-fold:
“First, there’s the education aspect. Every competition is different. That’s true at home, and it’s especially true on other continents. We think it’s important to see the vehicles, see how our equipment is going into the builds and how everything fairs when being pushed to the extreme. Watching these contenders exceed the limitations teaches us a lot and helps us improve of our products across the board. And second, of course, we want to be there to show our support. We keep an eye on the leaderboards. We recognize that more and more competitors are choosing DD Audio for their builds, and we’re happy to see so many of them at the top. So we wanted to show our full support in person. I was really thrilled when I found myself helping the crews with recones. It was a great way to help out and get to know everyone.”

DD Audio had three officially affiliated teams in the Euro Finals. Congratulations to Elvis Häggblom and Lorens Wastesson of LW Audio! Elvis came in second place at the dB Drag Racing Super Street No Wall. Lorens (who sacrificed two windshields to the Bass Gods) came in third place at the dB Drag Racing Super Street X and fifth place in the Bass Race 105.0 to 159.9. And a very special congratulations to dB Devils Makku Skantz and Jussi Takala! With their Fiat Panda, boasting two Z3 – 18” subs, the dB Devils not only came in FIRST PLACE for the dB Drag Super Street 1-2, they set a NEW WORLD RECORD!

In addition to the affiliated teams, Charn and Jassa got to meet many more competitors whose builds prominently featured DD Audio. Italian Team Progettare HiFi’s Fabio Brembilla earned second place in the Extreme No Limit using DD’s 9515’s. Another friendly DD fan and contender was Ruszkai Milan of Hungary, whose single Z3 – 12” helped him earn third place in the Street Stock 1k. Other DD equipment users who placed in top five of their classes included Team Tr Acoustic, Vlassopoulos of Team Vedouris, Stavros Ventouris and Christoffer Carlmark. Carlmark made an astounding impression as a first time finalist with his single Z3, coming in 4th place in the dB Drag Street Stock 2k and 5th place in the Bass Race 130.0 to 139.9.

While this event was a competition, it wasn’t without some glamourous demo builds. At the DD Audio booth Alen Hedzic showed off his stunning Opel Astra with four 9915a ESP Subs and one Z2c. Eddy Shabuku’s potent VW Golf, on display at the SoundDigital booth was rocking eight 9915s along with four VO-W8s and two VO-B1s in each door.

Upon their return, Jassa said, “the builds were really something, but the competitors, builders, fans – they’re what made it a truly unique experience.”

“And if all that wasn’t enough” Charn added, “We found ourselves at the oldest Craft Brewery in Italy – White Dog Brewery – and there we met the owner, who was originally from our home-state of Oklahoma! How Cool Is That!”

DD Audio would like to thank all the mentioned parties and many more who Jassa and Charn encountered in their journey!


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Install Highlight: Jabee’s Ride Gets a Sound Upgrade

As an established hip hop recording artist, public speaker, restaurateur and DD Audio Brand Ambassador, Jabee spends a lot of time in his ride. Whether he’s flying down the interstate or stuck in the traffic jammed roads of OKC, Jabee needs a quality listening experience to keep his mind in the game as he drives from one engagement to the next.

Unfortunately for Jabee, his car, like many cars on the road, had a cheap factory installed audio system that had seen its better days.

That’s when Jabee got in touch with the staff at DD Audio where they were able to go over a wide range of aftermarket upgrade products that could be easily integrated with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) stereo and wouldn’t require any alteration of the dash or factory aesthetics.

After assessing his budget, wants, and needs Jabee decided to go with one of DD Audio’s pre-configured options. He chose option 2.2 and then from the DD Audio Dealer Locator, he chose the team at Oklahoma Customs to upgrade his sound.

Option 2.2 from the Upgrade Your Sound™ guide consists of:

1 x SC6 6-Channel Signal Converter
1 x D6.500 6-Channel Amplifier
1 x LE-M08 Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure
1 x EC6.5 Components Set (Two 6.5in Woofers, Two 25mm Tweeters, Two Crossovers)
2 x EX6.5 Coaxial Speakers
All Connected with the DD Audio Z-Wire RCA System

The installation was quick and painless thanks to the modification-free design of the aftermarket equipment and talented staff at Oklahoma Customs.

The installers made quick work of taking out the interior paneling and properly removing the old speakers. Then the lightweight factory speaker wires were upgraded to DD Audio’s Z Wire. They were able to replace the worn and substandard speakers with the clean and powerful EC6.5 and EX6.5 speakers that fit perfectly in the the factory spots. No mods were needed, so when the panels were put back into place, the interior looked completely untouched and everything functioned the same as it had before. Since Jabee decided to keep his OEM stereo, an SC6 was to used to feed the proper audio signal to the D6.500 Amplifier that powers the entire system. All of these components plus the EC6.5 crossovers were neatly placed in the jack storage tray, under the rear cargo space, leaving Jabee with plenty of space for groceries or recording gear.

Finally, perhaps the most important addition, that B-B-B-BASS! With the LE-M08 loaded subwoofer enclosure, there was no math or science needed. The LE enclosures are built to DD specifications, so after some quick wiring and placement, all that was left was a bit of clean-up and signal / power testing.

The moment Jabee turned it on, he had a smile from satisfied ear to satisfied ear. The new system has given him improved audio clarity, power, and put some bump in his trunk. With the Upgraded Sound, Jabee’s head is in the game as he’s making moves across OKC.

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DD Audio’s New VO Neo – More Compact, Greater Impact!

Oklahoma City, OK, October 4, 2018 — DD Audio proudly announces the immediate release of the VO-MN6.5.

The latest addition to DD’s extremely popular Voice Optimized Series is a neodymium driven midrange speaker that is light, compact, efficient and designed for ultra-high output.

These speakers utilize premium design features, like anodized aluminum front and rear motor heatsinks, double slit aluminum voice coil formers and polymer treated curvilinear cones that exhibit an extended frequency range with superb moisture resistance. The VO-MN6.5 also boasts a dual magnet neo motor design with shorting ring for precise voice coil control and reduced overall inductance.

All of this makes the VO-MN6.5 perfect for motorcycles, car doors and any other tight spots where strong, quality sound is key.


  • Dual Magnet Neo Motor Design w/ Shorting Ring
  • Machined Aluminum Front and Rear Motor Heatsinks
  • Double Slit, Aluminum Voice Coil Former
  • Polymer Treated Curvilinear Cone


  • Watts RMS: 60-300
  • Impedance: S4
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz-8kHz
  • dBSPL: 95.5
  • VCD: 1.5in
  • Mounting Depth: 2.75in | 69.85mm

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