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The Daily Driver that Packs A Punch


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It’s a favorite among enclosure builders and installers for its performance and versatility. It’s enjoyed daily by drivers who love their music and have a tendency to get over enthusiastic with the bass knob. It’s also a testament to DD AUDIO’s quest for performance, devotion to USA Made build quality, and commitment to the ever evolving audio engineering process that comes with the modernization of materials and tooling.

The “g” latest revision of the 2508 features major performance enhancements, such as an increased magnet diameter for greater power and control, new dual stage aluminum heat sinks for improved heat management, a reimagined competition grade iron cloth spider with more stability and better durability, a second generation V-ROM surround with triple density expansion joint to further smooth the effects of expansion/contraction, an X-5 carbon loaded synthetic fiber non-pressed pulp cone with a peerless strength to weight ratio, plus DD AUDIO’s proven Evolution Subwoofer Package, Free Flow Cooling System, and hand made in Oklahoma City quality.


  • New Aluminum 2 Stage Heatsink
  • 7.0 Inch Diameter Motor
  • 20mm Top Plate
  • New 2nd Gen V-ROM surround
  • New Ironcloth Double Spider System
  • Hand Laid Carbon Fiber Dust Cap
  • DD ESP Cast Frame
  • Carbon Fiber Loaded, Non-Pressed Pulp Cone
  • Direct Leads
  • Laminated Tinsel Leads
  • Embossed DDesign Magnet Boot
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9500 History - Colorbar

Express yourself with your choice of logo style and color, plus custom dust cap and cone!

Jabee Toyota Prius Loaded Enclosure Being Installed

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We believe in supporting brick and mortar dealers and have carefully partnered with small businesses who can provide quality installation and customer satisfaction befitting DD AUDIO® equipment.

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