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Last week debuted the revamped versions of our new VO-B1a and VO-B2a Bullet Tweeters. We’ll bet some of you are wondering exactly where they are best suited for duty. Let’s explore just that, shall we? The VO-B1a bullet style tweeter is a stand alone super tweeter that comes into its own for installs where caution has been thrown to the wind for the substance, and the mids and...

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Install Highlight: 2001 Dodge Dakota – Trust in the System

There are few greater compliments for craftsmen than trust. Blind, unfaltering, unadulterated trust. This is an honor bestowed upon only the most worthy, and typically on the shoulders of an unblemished record of quality work, job after job, client after client. It is because of the stunning artistry, deft, talented hands, and can do spirit of the craftsmen at Exotic Sound and Tint in Salisbury,...

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Install Highlight: 2003 Chevy Astro Van – Nature’s Fury Unleashed with The Magnitude 9!

May 18th, 1980. On a calm spring day, a little piece of scenery known as Mount St. Helen’s decided to rock our nation unexpectedly. May 3rd, 1999. The largest tornado in recorded history set down and changed how we view tornadoes forever. Hurricanes Andrew (category 5), Sandy (category 3), and Katrina (category 5) in ‘92, ‘05, and ‘12 respectively, blew apart buildings and sunk the land. When events...

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