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Give Your Subwoofer a Break-In!

If you’re a frequenter of any online car audio forum or social media group, you’ve invariably run across folks talking about “Breaking In” their subwoofers, and we get daily calls from customers asking if they really need to do this, why they need to do this, and how to do it. Here at DD Audio we fully embrace the practice of breaking in subwoofers before you hit the bass demo circuit with...

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Tech Talk: How to save a smoking subwoofer

Tech Talk | WRITTEN BY AARON TRIMBLE | September 2018 A burning a voice coil can be simultaneously the best and worst moment for a young bass enthusiast. It may be the loudest the system has ever played, but the rock concert fogger effect instantly brings panic to a previously enjoyable experience. Many of us have been there, including Ben from Georgia who asks, “I just smoked all my subs and recones...

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