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Product Spotlight: D5.1500 Amplifier – Multi-Channel and Monoblock Powers Combined!

At DD Audio, we take pride in providing the world’s best audio competitors with the most powerful amplifiers and most capable subwoofers. But we take every bit as much pride in providing everyday audio enthusiasts with Original Equipment Manufacturer upgrades that completely transform the soundscape of their daily driver’s cabin. At ddaudio.com/OEM, you will see that we’ve compiled smart and smooth...

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Product Spotlight: DC6.5 Component Speaker Set – The Abundant Sound of Minimalism

The minimalist lifestyle isn’t strictly adopted by those lacking the means to enjoy extras. Consider the millionaires who could have it all, but choose the timeless trends that offer a more essential and pure quality. Bauhaus architecture, Yeezy fashion, Elemental cuisine, and countless other examples prove that there is plenty to enjoy, even when forgoing the more extravagant options. From DD...

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DD Audio Install Highlight: 2004 Volkswagen Jetta GLI

DD Audio Install Highlight | WRITTEN BY LEWIS JACKSON | 7 JUNE 2017 Many of us who dabble in automotive hobbies have often wished our significant others shared our fervor for whatever niche we have gravitated toward. Whether it be speed, sound, aesthetics or any number of other approaches, most of us can’t say that our better halves see eye to eye with us on the subject. Well, Mike Eckhert is one...

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Upgrade Your Sound™ with the D Class Components and Coaxials

The new D Class Components and Coaxials are the OE (original equipment) upgrade choice for those with audiophile ambitions. With the D Class, you get all the advanced engineering you need and nothing you don’t! Great hassle-free sound starts with woofer chassis and tweeter housings designed to fit with and into original door, dash and pillar mounting locations. These compact designs bring...

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