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Install Highlight: 1951 Plymouth Business Coupe – Boulevard Bruiser

INSTALL HIGHLIGHT | WRITTEN BY LEWIS JACKSON | APRIL 2019 It’s getting to be the time of year where those of us confronted with the rigors of winter weather pine wistfully, waiting with baited breath for the tide to crest, and for us to have our shot at the precious warm weather spring promises to bring. Then there are those who live where the weather is so fair, so often, that they can throw...

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DD Audio Product Spotlight: DM2500 and DM1500 Amplifiers

DD Audio Product Spotlight | WRITTEN BY KEVIN DOYLE | 22 August 2017 The latest additions to the D Series amplifier lineup are specifically designed to do what DD Audio does best, making big bass! Only now, with the new DM1500 and DM2500 joining the D Series lineup, that big bass is more affordable than ever before! The DM1500 is rated at 1500 watts RMS and 2300 watts Dynamic at 1 Ohm and retails...

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DD Audio Tech Talk: Budget or Beast

DD Audio Tech Talk | WRITTEN BY AARON TRIMBLE | 18 July 2017 When you consider buying a product and both are equal, you’ll always buy the cheaper one, right? If they both look the same, perform the same task, and have the same level of support, why would you spend the extra money on a more expensive product? Take breakfast cereals – do you want the name brand puffed rice cereal or the store...

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