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Install Highlight: Chevy C10 – One Smooth, Mean Cherry

There’s something to be said for getting exactly what you want. It takes a certain type of individual to buck convention, shut out all naysayers and just go for it, doing it like that old crooner, Sinatra: his way. Those are the types that have no qualms about cutting the top on a classic C-10, and painting it as red as the law allows. The tricky part lies in finding a way to make the inside of...

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Install Highlight: 1968 Chevelle – Showstopping Style with Crowd Pleasing Sound

There is just something about old school muscle. It is unapologetic in its simplicity, yet undeniable in its presence. The owner of this month’s featured vehicle understands the power and allure of a muscle car, and spared no expense bringing this beauty back to showroom condition. When it came time to put the final touches in place, he turned to the experts at Reference Audio Video, and they did...

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