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Install Highlight: 1994 Fiat Panda

DD AUDIO INSTALL HIGHLIGHT | WRITTEN BY LEWIS JACKSON | 10 JANUARY 2018 As many of our loyal fanbase knows, DD Audio has long since been a staple in competition here in the states. That is where we made our name, and still hold our own despite the onslaught of potential competition. Just as that bass bug spread domestically the rest of the world has felt it too, just ask our man, Luuk Tissingh,...

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Is That a Power Supply?

The DD Audio SPS-100.4 sets a new standard for modern AC to DC power supplies. With variable voltage from 9V to 16V and up to 100 amps of output current, this versatile beast meets the needs of any mobile install, test bench, or in store display it encounters. For more demanding systems, up to four units can be linked together to provide enough power for 6000 watts of amplification. For peace of...

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