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Install Highlight: 2006 GMC Sierra – Powerful, Versatile and Hardly Noticeable

Simple. Little. Basic. Huge. Booming. Crazy. There is no end to the list of adjectives that get thrown around in the realm of car audio. The problem is that these descriptors are almost entirely subjective. They all mean different things to different people. My Mom believes a single 15” woofer on 1000 watts is crazy. To me, it is entry-level. Subjective. Luckily, some of the fine folks who work...

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Install Highlight: 2004 Seat Leon – Matchless Achievement

Turning out complete audio system after audio system takes a never ending well of talent, creativity, drive and education. Car Audio fabrication is a monumental task for any install technician, let alone a firm that routinely works on the automotive industry’s finest offerings such as Bentley coupes or Brabus Mercs. Like adding diamonds to the bezel of a Rolex, the craftsmen at Tuning HIFI Shop,...

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Product Spotlight: The Concealed Strength of the SS4b Multi-Channel Amplifier

The Ninja are discrete, versatile, precise and reliable. They crawl, soar, strike and vanish. Hidden in plain sight among DD Audio’s amplifier line-up is one such covert killer. Often overlooked, never overwrought, this sharp and powerful little shinobi has earned respect from all who employ its skills. For that reason, we have chosen the SS4b for this month’s product spotlight. Loaded into the...

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DD Audio Install Highlight: 2006 Hummer H2 Luxury – Part 2

DD AUDIO INSTALL HIGHLIGHT | WRITTEN BY LEWIS JACKSON | 12 SEPTEMBER 2017 For the most part, our loyal fans seem to be split right down the middle. On one side we have the bassheads. The “sorry you were sleeping, but this is my jam so now it’s your jam too.” type of guys. Or the, “yes, it really is necessary to play my music this loud.” guys. You know those guys. Then we have our more gentille tifosi....

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