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Install Highlight: VW Golf – Ebba proves “We Can Do It”

This hobby would be a lot cooler if there were more women participating. There. I said it. I couldn’t count the number of times I have heard this over the years at audio competitions. Well, as it turns out, there are tons of women out there who are just as fanatical about their audio systems. We would like to introduce everyone to the hands-on Ebba Wickström, from Sweden and her booming VW Golf,...

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Tech Talk: PA Practicality – Part Two

In Part One we took a look at how to set-up a fully active network of 3-way PA speakers and some of the necessary design considerations. Here in Part Two we’re continuing on that same path and getting more in depth on the science of enclosure building. Be sure to read part one, as this picks up right where that left off. So, if we’re going to build an enclosure in our doors for our midrange...

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Product Spotlight: VO-MN6.5 and VO-MN8 Neodymium Speakers – Focused Midrange Response

Creating a true Pro Audio experience means delivering full range perfection; mids, highs, lows, and sometimes, the in between. Sound designers looking to provide such a full range soundscape have come to depend on the refined quality and nuanced designs of DD Audio’s Voice Optimized Series. Each purpose built speaker in this line has unique features which make them indispensable, and while it may...

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Install Highlight: Sei’s Malaysian Matrix – Winning Under Construction

Car audio enthusiasts are a particularly hardy group of individuals. We like to problem solve, and we love to prove others wrong (see: the internet.). We know what we want, and we overcome what we must to get it. This Month’s Install Highlight is a testament to that attitude, albeit still in the making. Sei Zaiibao provides a shining example of this can do attitude, and it comes through in spades...

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Product Spotlight: VO-B4 Super Tweeter

DD Audio Product Spotlight | WRITTEN BY KEVIN DOYLE | February 2018 Ever since we introduced the VO-B3 to our customers it’s been one of our most popular tweeters ever! So, why not up the ante with a bigger, louder version? Behold, the VO-B4 SUPER TWEETER! When comparing the VO-B3 to the VO-B4, customers will notice increased frequency response, higher efficiency and a higher max power handling....

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December Install Highlight

For this month’s Install Highlight, we are going in a lesser taken direction, to the sleepers! Belonging to Ryan Thomas, the install done in this pickup goes to show that even when installed in a sleek and stealthy fashion, the products still manage to shine through! Constructed by skilled artisans like Joshua Molen, no stone was left unturned in this fully customized Sierra, from custom dash panels...

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The Kind of Loud That Will Melt Your Face Off

DD Audio is re-introducing the new and improved VO-W Woofer Series complete with CT Compression Tweeters! The new VO-W woofers feature cast frames, stronger motors, and larger diameter voice coils for higher power handling. With the unique ability to thread on CT compression tweeters for coaxial applications, these are the perfect tools for building a system that will actually melt your face off! Source...

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Stick This in Your Gauge Hole!

When DD Audio recently released the VO-B3 we underestimated the positive response we would receive from one niche of the mobile audio market; the bike guys. The world of  custom motorcycle audio has fastly become as exciting as custom car audio, and we’ve found that while similar to car audio, bike audio’s needs are a little different. Case in point, the VO-B3.  The VO-B3’s unique mobile audio...

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