Upgrade Your Sound™

Are you a first-time car audio buyer?

Is something broken that needs fixing? Do you want to Upgrade Your Sound™, but don’t want to lose OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) functionality and aesthetics? Do you just want a better sounding system?

DD AUDIO has a solution for you.

This car audio upgrade guide has several options to help you choose the right sound upgrade. Simply choose an option below that best suits your needs.

Rock Your Stock

car audio upgrade guide
Option 1.1

Replace your stock speakers.

By simply replacing damaged, worn out, or just sub par stock speakers you’ll treat your ears to crisper cleaner sounding audio that is sure to make your daily driving much more enjoyable.
Equipment: E Class Components and Coaxials.

Price: $208*

I’m ready for an audio upgrade!

car audio upgrade guide
Option 1.2

Add an Amp to your stock speakers.

This combination will bring your OEM system to life. It lets you fine tune with an active crossover network and double the power being sent to your stock speakers. This will give you a sound that’s clearer and louder. Plus, when it’s time for your next upgrade, you’ll be perfectly equipped to power aftermarket speakers such as our E Class Coaxials.
Equipment: SC4 Signal Converter and D4.75 4 Channel Amplifier.

Price: $368*

I’m ready for an audio upgrade!

car audio upgrade guide
Option 1.3

Add a Subwoofer to your stock system

This is one of the easiest ways to quickly and dramatically Upgrade Your Sound™. By adding some sub-bass to a stock audio system you’ll be amazed how much better your audio system sounds.
Equipment: SC4 Signal Converter, DM500a Monoblock Amplifier, and LE-S06 Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure.

Price: $557*

I’m ready for an audio upgrade!


car audio upgrade guide
Option 2.1

Add an Amp and Speakers.

This option is for the listener that simply wants more volume and more acoustic detail than stock audio equipment can offer; even after one of our level 1 upgrades.
Equipment: SC4 Signal Converter, D4.100 4 Channel Amplifier and E Class Component and Coaxial Speakers.

Price: $636*

I’m ready for an audio upgrade!

car audio upgrade guide
Option 2.2

Add an Amp, Speakers, and a Subwoofer

This option will go far and beyond the sound capabilities of those so called “premium” factory audio upgrades and still cost hundreds of dollars less.
Equipment: SC6 Signal Converter, D6.500 6 Channel Amplifier, E Class Component and Coaxial Speakers, and a LE-M08 Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure.

Watch the install video

Price: $1,255*

I’m ready for an audio upgrade!


NOTE: When installing Option 3.1 and above, stock charging system upgrades are suggested for optimal equipment performance

car audio upgrade guide
Option 3.1

Add a more powerful Amp, Higher Output Speakers, and Higher Output Subs

This option will make you feel like you’re cruising in your own personal little concert venue… one with a really nice sound system!
Equipment: DSI-2 Digital Signal Processor, D5.1500 5 Channel Amplifier, D Class Component and Coaxial Speakers, and a pair of Redline Series 610-D4 Subwoofers in a custom built DD Box.

Watch the install video

Price: $1,864*

I’m ready for an audio upgrade!

car audio upgrade guide
Option 3.2

Add a Bi-Amp Setup, even Higher Output Speakers, and even Higher Output Subs

If the last option was a little concert venue then this option is the Madison Square Garden of mobile audio. Your music will sound cleaner, louder, and just plain better than you ever thought possible.
Equipment: DSI-2 Digital Signal Processor, SS4b 4 Channel Amplifier, CC6.5 Component Speakers, M2c Monoblock Amplifier, and a pair of Power Tuned 2512 Subwoofers in a custom built DD Box.

Price: $3,403*

I’m ready for an audio upgrade!


car audio upgrade guide
Option 4.1

Design your own system!

If you’ve evaluated your audio wants and needs and none of the previous options are going to fill the void in your life that is a ultra high end audio system then it’s time to get serious, and DD Audio is a brand that will let you get as serious as you want. We offer a wide selection of install accessories, amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers. So, whether you’re craving earth quaking bass or supreme sound quality, or just a solid upgrade; DD Audio has the all equipment needed for designing your perfect mobile audio system.

I’m ready for an audio upgrade!

Have you made your choice, but you want to hear it first? Do you have questions about what equipment would be best for your custom DD Audio system? Use the dealer locator to find your nearest authorized DD Audio dealer, or contact our customer service department.

If there isn’t one close to you just yet, give us a call and a real-life DD Tech will be happy to assist you!

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*Prices do not include installation labor cost, freight, duties and taxes. Contact your local DD Audio dealer for installation prices.

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premium sound


On the left we show what a speakers look like in a new vehicle with a premium factory audio system. These “premium” speakers are only obtainable by purchasing the upgrade packages that include them, which often adds over $3,000 to the cost of a new vehicle! Contrary to their name, these audio systems are by no means even close to premium. Built using extremely cheap parts such as untreated paper cones and cloth surrounds, these speakers are very sensitive to moisture, tearing, and deterioration.

On the right we show what a baseline aftermarket speaker from DD Audio looks like. Built using quality parts like heavy duty, yet lightweight, coated cones and compressed rubber surrounds, these speakers are built to sound amazing and last a very, very long time for a fraction of the cost!

Much better for much less.

Upgrade Your Sound.™

Let’s take this relationship to the next level.