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Imagine an audio brand that…

• Is not sold on the internet
• Has the lowest failure rate
• Provides exclusive dealer territory protection
• Sells at good margins
• Leads in SQ, SPL, and SQL contests world wide
• Offers customized options
• Has a human that answers the phone when you call

Now imagine that brand in your store.

Digital Designs/DD Audio, was founded over 30 years ago, with the simple ambition of making things sound better through thoughtful engineering. We design for niches, doing our best for each application at hand, because the good, better, best ideology just doesn’t make sense. Our products are designed from conception, to be handled and installed by knowledgable professionals. We believe in building relationships with dealers who understand our proven business model, and want to grow with us.

No matter what system you're building; big, small, SQ or SPL, we've got you covered.
  • Well rounded product lines
  • We still hand build subwoofers in the USA (Power Tuned, HiDef Tuned and Z series)
  • Custom performance and aesthetic subwoofer options (Power Tuned, Hi Def Tuned and Z series)
In House Departments to serve the dealer
  • In-house research and development department

    Innovation is what we are passionate about, we strive to make products that put a smile on your face and exceed customers expectations. Our products are R&D driven, steered by our dealers. We are always in a constant state of improving our products based on dealer and end user feedback. Life happens fast and changes even faster.

  • In-house composite fabrication department

    We started designing and manufacturing our carbon fiber dust caps and composite sandwich cones over 15 years ago, in pursuit of the perfect, lossless transducer.

    Foam cores are shaped by hand, laminated and baked under pressure, forming the strongest and lightest cones in the world.

    A variety of materials and colors can be selected and combined for one of a kind system designs.

    Visit the Custom Shop for a closer look at our custom options.

    DD Audio Dealers

  • In house product service and tech support department

    Our customer service department is best in industry. We have actual humans that answer the phones, and our techs are installers just like you. They’ve been elbow deep in dashes and door panels, covered in sawdust and tangled in wires. They actually know how to design a box for specific applications or help with system layouts, not just read specs off a web page.

    We provide service on all the products we’ve ever made. If we can’t repair them we’ll offer an upgrade path. We offer in-house recones or we can send you the kits to do it yourself. We also do all amplifier repairs in-house. We have a transparent RMA process that includes automatic updates, pictures and service tech evaluations.

    Our service department strives to help improve the system to prevent future product failures, because we understand when you have to open up a system to replace a blown speaker or amp everyone loses. Our customer service mission is focused on reducing the failures no matter the source.

We value our partnership with the specialty car audio shop

DD Audio is passionate about being the go-to brand for the true custom car audio specialist. We understand, as a brick and mortar dealer, that your livelihood depends on the ability to offer high value to your customer while maintaining good margins to cover overhead, to do this, we offer exceptional products, strict territory protection and strong dealer support.

  • No Internet Sales
  • No Distributors or Wholesalers
  • No direct sales to competitors or customers in a dealer’s protected territory
  • No means no, dealers caught cheating other dealers are no longer dealers

Our focus is to create the best product for your applications and increasing your value added opportunities with a customer. Other companies are moving to bypass dealers in order to feed their marketing machines, racing to zero margins through eCommerce, ShopaTron, Ebay, Amazon, competing against you for customer dollars. Our goal is to help support the dealer, to promote the dealer, to maintain dealer profitability and always direct the customer to the local dealer. We are reaching out to hundreds of thousands of end users daily, through our social media channels, website and marketing efforts, directing them into your stores.

In our efforts to support the dealer, we offer several marketing tools on a quarterly basis to better serve your customers. That includes a variety of different materials like posters, banners, displays, koozies, lanyards, etc. First impressions are everything. We want to make you look good, because if you look good, we look good.

DD Audio Dealer Posters
DD Audio Dealer Packaging
DD Audio Dealer Display

More Dealer Tools
  • A Dealer Landing Page on our website

    The Dealer Landing page features the ability to put pictures and text to highlight your store services and links to your web and/or social media.

    This is way more than a Dealer Locator. Search engines are smarter now and use GEO-Location technology. When someone searches for car audio, the results closest in proximity will display at the top of the list. Your Dealer Landing page will get you higher in the search results – this translates into more customers to your store.

    DD Audio Dealers

  • A Dealer Media Portal

    The Dealer Media Portal gives all of our dealers easy access to our logos, brand guidelines, product photos, and other POP Marketing Materials.

    We give you access to past banners, posters, and flyers. Any new print materials we offer will be updated in the portal. If you need a custom size printed, you can easily download the file to send to your print shop.

  • Dealer Trainings

    Knowledge is power! We offer several opportunities throughout the year for dealers to attend one of our DD Deconstruction trainings. We break down every DD product down to it’s base elements to show you what makes them so unique in a market where many products appear the same. The main goal of the showcase is to educate current and potential dealers as to why DD Audio is one of the world’s leading audio manufacturers.

    Make sure to mark your calendar, the first opportunity to attend a training and visit with our sales and tech teams is during MERA’s Knowledgefest® in April.

    DD Audio at Dealer Training

Full line of products to serve any type of install -- from the daily driver, to the audiophile, to the basshead.

As an authorized DD Audio dealer you will be able to offer everything from a $99 retail 200 Series Redline subwoofer, to a $3000 retail Z series subwoofer, 100 Watt amplifiers and 10,0000 Watt amplifiers, OEM integration DSPs and preloaded drop in enclosures, while having the confidence that on both ends of the spectrum, DD products perform better than anything else comparable, non-comparable, or inconceivable, in the market.

Our goal as an audio company is build damn fine products that we are excited about using ourselves. Because we can build anything we want, so why compromise.

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If you would like to learn a little more about DD, you can listen to this recording of an interview with DD Audio’s National Product Trainer, Aaron Trimble, on the KVGI Radio show “Sound Advice”.