Voice Optimize Mid-Range Neo

VO-MN8 Angled

The VO-MN8 is a neodymium driven midrange speaker designed for efficiency and ultra-high output with minimal weight and compact mounting dimensions.  These speakers are perfect for motorcycle and multi-speaker car door applications.


  • Dual Magnet Neo Motor Design w/ Shorting Ring
  • Machined Aluminum Front and Rear Motor Heatsinks
  • Double Slit, Aluminum Voice Coil Former
  • Polymer Treated Curvilinear Cone


Driver Size 8"
Watts RMS 60-300
VCD 1.5"
Impedance S4
Frequency Response - Hz 100-8k
Fs - Hz 88
Qms 4.264
Qes 0.45
Qts 0.407
Vas - liters 15.21L
dBSPL 95.5
Mounting Diameter - in 7 1/4
Mounting Depth - in 3 1/4
Shipping Weight - lbs 5
Price (USD) 349 pair

Any DD Audio Product bearing the Marine Grade logo incorporates water resistant features enabling it to be used in applications where moderate exposure to moisture will not result in damage to the product. 

Marine Grade products are not waterproof, and submersion or excessive moisture exposure may result in product failure. DD Audio Marine Grade products are not certified for saltwater environments.

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