It is the goal of DD Audio to create the finest audio products possible, dedicated to the ultimate performance of the product no matter the lengths required of the design or manufacturing process.
We believe in quality for the masses. The budget-minded audio enthusiast should be able to get quality car audio that fits into their price range. The REDLINE is our answer to that. These subs are hand-built in our offshore facility with the same high energy design philosophy as our HiDef and Power Tuned subwoofers making it possible to get the performance you demand, at the price you want.
  • Double Stitched EROM Surrounds
  • Non-Pressed Paper Cones
  • Multi-Layer Suspensions
  • High Flux Motor Geometry
HiDef Tuned
The USA built, HiDef Tuned subwoofers feature a suspension that offers the perfect mix of control and efficiency, designed for systems where fidelity is the focus, and everyday listening will be done primarily inside the car.  HiDef Tuned subs play fast, accurate and low. They work perfectly with the DD Box system, and due to their optimized suspension tuning, they also work great in acoustic suspension applications.
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Low Fs
  • Faraday Ring Equipped Motor
  • Superb Transient Response
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Power Tuned
Our USA built, Power Tuned subwoofers are designed to push performance limits, yet still maintain a high level of control.  Power Tuned subs feature additional mechanical and electrical damping to handle the rigors of crazy lows in daily high output applications. Power Tuned subs are meant to be heard not only in the car, but down the street... way down the street!
  • Higher Power Handling
  • Multi-layer Suspensions
  • Free Flow Cooled Motors
  • 800 Degree Thermoset Voice Coils
Z Series
The Z series is the result of our ongoing study in the field of world subwoofer domination. The Z project represents the culmination of DD's ultimate engineering goal which is to push the limits of delivered energy by utilizing high-performance composite technologies. The Z series takes its place as the flagship of the DD sub line by having the highest motor strength, greatest voice coil cooling capability, most overbuilt design features, and last but not least True To The Source sound reproduction. AmaZing!
  • 13 Slug, N52 Neo Power
  • Open Motor Design
  • 8 Layer Flatwound Aluminum Voice Coil
  • Double Reinforced Glue Joints
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